The Gold Standard: New York Bound

What’s going on everybody? I know this isn’t my typical Wednesday Standard, but this isn’t a typical Wednesday! This one, for the first in a good while, marks the start of me going on vacation, though to keep it relevant, I’m heading up to New York for the Comic Con and to raise hell with IP’s own Pulse Glazer!

I’ll admit, missing a Wednesday is going to be hard for me, and next week will be crazy with having two weeks worth of books to pound in a day for reviews, but I think our staff is up to the challenge of this week without me. We’ve got John Babos and Mike Maillaro handling our news, and a review squad made up of Pulse Glazer, Jay Galette, and Nexus newcomers Matt Graham and Zack Little. As for spoilers? I’m hoping that the guys pick up the slack while I’m gone, as Spoiler Warnings has truly been my baby.

So I want to wish everyone a great week, I trust the site won’t burn down without me, and I’d like to wish my brothers in the Nexus good luck covering this week without me! Have fun everyone!

And if you’re at the Con and want to pick my brain, send me an e-mail, it forwards to my phone.

This is going to be a good time.

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