WWE’s Jim Ross comments on Heart Procedure, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

From JRsbarbq.com:

About the stent procedure he had Monday:

“It’s good to be home without having to spend a night or two in the hospital. Thanks to all for their positive thoughts and prayers. They are and will always be much appreciated.

My heart procedure has come and gone without having to undergo surgery to place a stent in a heart artery. Once the doctor went through my groin and up the femoral artery to take a look at my heart he discovered that there was only a 20% blockage in three spots which was not a reason for concern. People of my age group, I’m 58, most of the time have some calcium build up in their arteries. I am not in a high risk group and actually have a very healthy heart according to my cardiologist. My heart had improved greatly since it was last throughly examined in 2006. I credit that to weight loss and increased, regular exercise. With that said, I will begin hitting the gym again next week which will allow the puncture in my groin time to heal. The soreness in my groin is my only area of concern and that matter will heal in a few days. I was very blessed to receive the verdict that I did.”

About Paul Heyman’s biography of Brock Lesnar:

“I’m anxious to read the Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar penned ‘Next Big Thing’ biography which is due out imminently (I don’t know the exact title.) Brock is a very private person and it certainly shows his trust in Paul to discuss Brock’s life in such through detail for the upcoming project. Lesnar was one of our best signees ever in WWE and most of the credit for signing the amazingly gifted, natural athlete has to go to Jerry Brisco who was teammates with Brock’s college wrestling coach at Minnesota, J Robinson. Brock cracked the magical, seven figure earnings chart faster than any WWE superstar ever. I don’t think that I have ever been around an athlete in any field of endeavor that had better overall skills than the former Golden Gopher. Lesnar has size, strength, quickness, speed, power, and amazing agility for a near 300 pounder. No WWE star before or since can match Brock Lesnar’s physical gifts. With Heyman becoming such close friends with Brock Lesnar, Paul has made the all important ’emotional investment’ in Brock that is required to write a great book. As I said, I’m anxious to read the story of the UFC’s biggest star and a man for whom I have great respect.

Lesnar’s will to be the best at what he does was always prevalent when Brock performed under the WWE banner and that same unmatched passion is still in full force today in the Octagon for UFC. Lesnar vs. Cain Velásquez will be a huge fight for Brock’s UFC Heavyweight Title on Saturday October 23 in Anaheim. Cain Velásquez is another amazingly gifted heavyweight that has infiltrated the UFC and will be a major test to Brock as Velásquez has a great motor, endurance, mat skills and obvious punching power. This is one fight that all MMA fans will definitely want to catch on PPV.”

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