10 Thoughts On Superstars 10.07.2010 – Hart Dynasty, The Usos, and no Michael Cole

1. Vance Archer’s tattoos look like they were put on by the Smackdown vs Raw video game “Create A Superstar” function.

2. Archer and Masters put on an impressive match. There was a lot of back and forth, and the chemistry was solid. The friction between Archer and Hawkins leading into the Masterlock was excellently done. But I have to wonder…how many tag teams do they plan to break up?

3. Now that NXThree is online and out of my sight, these recaps are actually useful. They’re still not interesting, but it’s as much of the show as I need to see.

4. No recap tonight on Superstars. No Michael Cole. How could it get better?

5. Apparently, they plan to keep Darren Young around, at least in the Superstars timeslot. He still has a lot to learn, but he’s come a long way from NXT Season 1. Putting him up against Regal is a great way to go.

6. I never tire of watching Regal in the ring.

7. Normally, I loathe watching the Raw Rebound, because it’s Cena-filled. But seeing that armband on him and watching him help Barrett was so incredible the first time, I’ll give my fast-forward button a rest and enjoy it once more.

8. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen the Hart Dynasty appear without Natalya.

9. The Usos seem to have improved dramatically since their rocky start. Although, I can’t be sure. With the matching shorts, I can’t tell who is who anymore.

10. It was nice to see a tag team match given considerable time. Tyson Kidd just shines, and the entire match was filled with excitement. The ending left questions the fans are probably dying to see answered.

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