10 Thoughts Review on Secret Six #26 by Gail Simone and J. Calafiore

1. Simone has Bane’s version of the Secret Six and Calafiore’s trying to take over the world of Warlord (a world similar to Marvel’s Savage Land) for different factions of the US Government.

2. I’m a huge Amanda Waller fan and it’s great to see her on the side of angels here against Spy Smasher and supporting the Catman/Deadshot/Scandal/Ragdoll version of the Six.

3. Bane as a warrior-king type works extremely well, as does the cruelty of his team.

4. Does anyone really think they’re going to be killing off Bane?  I knot it makes a nice emotional moment for Scandal, but it isn’t much of a cliffhanger.

5.  What did work though was the comparison between Bane and Vandal Savage as Scandal’s father.

6. Catman going mad really works as character progression, as does Ragdoll being obnoxious in every situation.  Really, when Deadshot and the insane Black Alice are your POV characters, there’s a problem with the team… and it’s absolutely intriguing for the story.

7. Deadshot’s team was ridiculously overmatched by Bane’s so their awesome brutality in taking out their opponents is a site to behold.

8. This is a straight house style comic and, given the twist on superheroics it provides, probably actually ironically better for it.

9. It’s great that the characters appreciate the exotic nature of their locale.  We too often take that kind of thing for granted as comics readers, as do the characters.

10. Rating: 7/10 – This remains a good comic with morally dubious characters in a dysfunctional relationship taking out enemies who are far worse than them.

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