Desperate Housewives: The Complete Sixth Season – DVD Review

Season five of Desperate Housewives moved the series forward five years in time. As a result, the writing was fresh and everyone seemed to have a new energy. It would be tough to live up to the high expectations that season five set up. So let’s see with the sixth season has in store.

Set on the street of Wisteria Lane in the fictional American town of Fairview, Eagle State, Housewives originally centered around a group of women and their respective loved ones including Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman), Bree Van de Kamp (Marcia Cross), Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria Parker), and Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan). These women are housewives who seem to have a desperate need to either be nosy neighbors and get into other people’s business or hide their own business from each other. Revealing these truths is their deceased neighbor and narrator Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong).

Every season of this show has to have a mysterious person or family that moves into town or back to town. In season six, the new family that comes to town is the Bolens, which consists of Nick (Jeffrey Nordling), his wife Angie (Drea de Matteo), and their troubled teenage son, Danny (Beau Mirchoff). They definitely have some dark secrets that haven’t been revealed yet. Elsewhere on Wisteria Lane, Susan and Mike Delfino (James Denton) look to be back on the road to marriage once again. Susan’s other ex-husband, Karl (Richard Burgi) also starts to have an affair with Bree, which further complicates things. Lynette Scavo continues to have problems with her oldest twin sons, Preston and Porter (Charles and Max Carver), but could more children be on the way for her and her husband Tom (Doug Savant). Tom actually hopes so, even though they have four. Meanwhile, Gabrielle has to now play mom to the sexy niece, Ana (Maiara Walsh), of her husband Carlos (Ricardo Chavira). Bree’s business partner Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delaney) is still around as well, but she is about to have a mental breakdown herself. Finally, Mrs. McCluskey (Kathryn Joosten), and the gay couple on Wisteria Lane, (Tuc Watkins) and (Kevin Rahm) still look on and watch the madness from afar.

This season really pounds home the point that you are pretty much going to get the same kind of stories from year to year until the end of the show’s run. As I mentioned earlier, there is always a mysterious family or person with a secret, and finding out what that secret is exactly is still the most entertaining part of this show. You know it won’t be anything good, and you can pretty much predict everything else going on around Wisteria Lane involving affairs between the housewives. But what still saves the tired and worn-out storylines is the acting. The core cast is great as usual this season. The Bolen family was not as great of a villain this season overall as Neal McDonough’s Dave character was in season five, but Drea de Matteo was still a great addition to the cast for this year. By the way, the loss of Nicollette Sheridan from the cast probably won’t be missed by anyone.


Disc One:

Episode 1 – Nice is Different Than Good
Mike Delfino’s bride is finally revealed, and whereas one woman of Wisteria Lane is struck by happiness (yet again), another woman’s world falls appart. In the meantime, Lynette tries to cope with her new pregnancy, and develops some unexpected and horrifying feelings towards her unborn babies. Bree begins a reluctant affair with Karl Mayer, and Gabrielle has to deal with raising a rebellious teenage girl. Meanwhile, a new family with a dark past, headed by new housewife Angie Bolen (new cast member Drea de Matteo), moves to the street.

Episode 2 – Being Alive
As the citizens of Fairview try to make sense of a recent attack in their neighborhood, Lynette withholds a secret from Susan. Gabrielle gives niece Ana advice on how to get a guy’s attention, whereas Bree worries how her affair with Karl will affect her friendship with Susan, and Angie is determined to protect her son and her family’s past.

Episode 3 – Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover
After a chance encounter with John Rowland (former main cast member Jesse Metcalfe), Carlos begins to suspect that his wife still has the hots for him, and allows his niece Ana to be hired by John to test Gabrielle. In the meantime, the Scavos tell their kids they are expecting twins, and Lynette hides her pregnancy from Carlos in order to get a big promotion. Bree realizes Karl is more serious about their affair, but she doesn’t want to put much effort into something she does with a man she does not love… or does she? The intensity between Susan and Angie grows as the latter tries to defend her son, but Susan is determined to warn everyone that Danny Bolen is a dangerous kid.

Episode 4 – The God-Why-Don’t-You-Love-Me Blues
As Katherine unravels, revealing how much of a toll losing Mike has taken on her, Bree comes to her aid. Gabrielle grows weary of John’s intentions towards her niece, and, during the second trimester of her pregnancy, Lynette’s breasts become bigger. In the meantime, Susan learns Julie has been harboring some secrets, and Angie gets Porter to throw a party for her son.

Disc Two:

Episode 5 – Everybody Ought to Have a Maid
Gabrielle is deemed a bad mother during her daughter Juanita’s playdate, and she tries desperately to prove to others that she is a responsible parent. Bree gets defensive when she’s judged by a motel maid (guest star Aisha Hinds) for having an affair with Karl Mayer, and Lynette is put off by her new handyman, Roy Bender (guest star Orson Bean), when he defers to Tom for approval on all things, whereas Susan and Katherine come to blows over Mike. Meanwhile, a lapse in judgment on Danny’s part leads to a terrible mishap that Angie and Nick must cover up.

Episode 6 – Don’t Walk on the Grass
When Bree begins to fall for Karl, she decides it is time to break things up before they get way too serious. However, Karl isn’t willing to let her go that easily, and makes her a proposition. In the meantime, Juanita says a bad word during a school play and Gabrielle is attacked by the school’s principal (guest star Marianne Muellerleile), which leads her to respond and ultimately get her daughter out of the school, whereas Lynette learns her husband is cheating during mid-term. Katherine pretends to be on Susan’s side to get to Mike, and Angie hides some secrets regarding her mother.

Episode 7 – Careful the Things You Say
Susan is in desperate need of help to figure out if Katherine was responsible for strangling her daughter, and the detective who agrees to help her, Denise Lapera (guest star Kathy Najimy), shares some history with her that they both would rather forget. In the meantime, Lynette learns about Julie’s past affair with Nick Bolen, which leads her to have her own theory as to who may have strangled her. The Hodges are invited over for dinner by the Bolens, and Nick proposes to Bree that she hire Angie to work for her at the catering company. Meanwhile, Gabrielle takes advantage of her housekeeper (guest star Anna Katarina) by making her play the role of Juanita’s tuitor.

Episode 8 – The Coffee Cup
Susan and Katherine are both sentenced to community service by picking up trash, and in the meantime Katherine finds a way to let Susan know she and Mike once had sex five times in a day, which annoys Susan, as her sexual ratio with Mike was never that high, leading her to believe he was closer to Katherine. Meanwhile, Gabrielle goes out of her way to get her daughter into Catholic school, and the only way to do so is by having Carlos send one of his employees, and Lynette’s trainee, to Florida, much to Lynette’s dismay, as she was training him to cover for her during her soon-to-come maternity leave. Angie refuses to make small talk with Julie Mayer, and Orson lets on that he is suspicious his wife might be cheating on him.

Episode 9 – Would I Think of Suicide?
In the wake of another unexpected attack, Nick decides the time has come for him and his family to move away from Wisteria Lane. In the meantime, Susan and Bree clash over the latter’s affair with Karl Mayer, whereas Gabrielle and Lynette clash over the latter’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, Katherine’s crazy schemes have brought Mike to a point where he can no longer put up with her, and a heated arguement between the two of them has shocking results.

Disc Three:

Episode 10 – Boom Crunch
Gabrielle and Lynette’s friendship is on the brink of collapse, whereas Bree and Orson come to an agreement about their marriage. Meanwhile, Susan hatches a plan to help an irrational Katherine, and Danny’s vital mistake might cost Angie her freedom. In the meantime, Christmas cheer is curtailed when disaster strikes, as a plane crashes down on Wisteria Lane, putting lives in peril.

Episode 11 – If…
In the aftermath of the plane crash, the residents of Wisteria Lane reflect on what their lives might have been had they made different choices: Susan contemplates a life with Karl had he not walked out on her, and Bree considers life without Orson. Lynette thinks about a future with her unborn twins, whereas Gabrielle imagines her daughter Celia aspiring to become a superstar actress, and Angie ponders the consequences should her secrets be revealed.

Episode 12 – You Gotta Get a Gimmick
Susan turns up the heat for Mike, whereas Lynette discovers Tom’s true intentions regarding her job. Gabrielle is forced to examine feelings she’s suppressed regarding her heritage, and Bree learns it’ll be hard to undo the hurt she’s caused Orson. In the meantime, Ana is more determined to land Danny.

Episode 13 – How About a Friendly Shrink?
Lynette balks at the idea of seeing a couples’ therapist. In the meantime, Katherine shows no intention of moving back onto the lane, whereas Gabrielle and Susan are determined to find out which of their kids is in the smartest math group at school, whereas Orson makes life harder for Bree and Angie disapproves of Danny’s new girlfriend.

Episode 14 – The Glamorous Life
Gabrielle and Carlos grow concerned with the direction Ana and Danny’s relationship might be taking. In the meantime, Susan befriends a stripper named Robin (guest star Julie Benz) and takes her under her wing, whereas Tom and Lynette come to a disagreement regarding their new therapist (guest star Jane Leeves). Bree watches over Orson as she fears he may commit suicide, and Angie tries to get a neighbor to sort out her garbage, much to Nick’s dismay.

Disc Four:

Episode 15 – Lovely
Susan causes quite a stir when she invites a former stripper (guest star Julie Benz) into her home, because former exotic dancer Robin will have a profound effect on the ladies of Wisteria Lane: with three teenage boys at home, Lynette will need to keep a watchful eye on them, Bree needs to pick up a few tricks to engage Orson, Katherine needs to find a friendly companion, and Gabrielle needs help with her troublesome niece – and Robin might just provide that help, whether she wants to or not.

Episode 16 – The Chase
Celia comes down with the chicken pox, and having never had it herself, Gabrielle must keep her distance, so she stays with Bob and Lee for a while, and is suddenly reminded of what it feels like to be “single” again. In the meantime, Tom and Lynette forget little Penny’s birthday, which leads the girl to go missing. Bree hires a promising new employee (guest star Sam Page) and Katherine makes a surprising discovery about herself. Meanwhile, Susan cheats on Mrs. McCluskey, whereas Angie grows concerned over Danny’s disappearance.

Episode 17 – Chromolume #7
Gabrielle and Angie head out to New York to track down Ana and Danny, and a chance encounter with supermodels Paulina Porizkova and Heidi Klum, Gaby’s former co-workers, leads the former top model to an unexpected revelation about herself. In the meantime, Mike tries to prove to Susan that he is a man with a capital “M” after he feels emasculated by her, and the Scavo family is surprised to see Preston (former regular castmember Max Carver) back from Europe… accompanied by a hot Russian gold digger (guest star Helena Mattson as Irina). Bree discovers a surprising connection to her new employee (guest star Sam Page) and Katherine feels confused regarding her feelings towards Robin (guest star Julie Benz).

Episode 18 – My Two Young Men
Susan and Gabrielle go to extreme and shameless lengths to top each other’s kids, whereas Bree invites Sam (guest star Sam Page) over for a family dinner. A party is thrown for Mrs. McCluskey after she beats cancer, and Lynette thinks there is more to Preston’s fiancée (guest star Helena Mattsson as Irina) than she’s letting on. Meanwhile, Katherine comes out of the closet, though not willingly.

Episode 19 – We All Deserve to Die
Determined to derail son Preston’s marriage to Irina (guest star Helena Mattsson), Lynette discovers the truth about her future daughter-in-law. In the meantime, Gabrielle offers to help out Bob and Lee in the most generous way, but does not consider the consequences. Bree begins to question whether Sam (guest star Sam Page) has a hidden agenda, and Susan gets creative to help Mike with his finances. Unbeknownst to Angie, Danny meets Patrick Logan (guest star John Barrowman) for the very first time.

Disc Five:

Episode 20 – Epiphany
The Fairview strangler has been living among the women of Wisteria Lane, and we are introduced to the life and times of the mysterious monster that’s been ruining lives, and we realize just how much the ladies of Wisteria Lane have affected and shaped him.

Episode 21 – A Little Night Music
After years on the run, Angie finally comes face to face with her ex-lover, Patrick Logan (guest star John Barrowman). Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Susan plan an elaborate scheme against their husbands, Lynette sees a darker side of Eddie (guest star Josh Zuckerman), and Bree meets a woman who knows Sam all too well: his (supposedly deceased) mother.

Episode 22 – The Ballad of Booth (Part 1)
Lynette comes to a shocking realization about Eddie (guest star Josh Zuckerman), and Susan and Mike’s financial woes result in the ultimate sacrifice. In the meantime, Bree offers Sam (guest star Sam Page) a generous payoff to walk away, and Angie relies on Gabrielle for help when Patrick (guest star John Barrowman) threatens the life of her son.

Episode 23 – I Guess This is Goodbye (Part 2)
Bree decides to hand over her company to Sam (guest star Sam Page) in order to protect her family’s big secret. In the meantime, Susan and Mike prepare to move away, and Lynette is held hostage by Fairview’s most notorious serial killer. Gabrielle puts herself at risk trying to help Angie and her family.

The video is given in anamorphic widescreen color with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1, which is enhanced for 16×9 TVs. The transfer is great with colors generally looking bright and vivid details everywhere. No major or minor problems at all here, and on par with previous seasons.

The audio included is in English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound. There are subtitles available in English, Spanish, and French as well. The dialogue and music come out loud and clear. No major problems here either, and the same good quality as previous seasons.

“Master Class” Featurette – This runs 13 minutes and it’s a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of this season. Various cast and crew members get interviewed, and they talk about how they started acting and what their acting process is. Basically, it’s the usually fluff piece.

“Miss Piggy Gets Desperate” Featurette – This runs 10 minutes and yes, the Muppet Miss Piggy, does interview the housewives. She finds out how each of the main cast members got to be on the show. Somewhat entertaining, mainly due to its uniqueness.

“Cherry Picked: Creator Marc Cherry’s Favorite Scenes” – The creator, Marc Cherry, picked 4 scenes that were his “favorite” of the season for various reasons. You have the option of hearing Cherry explain why he likes each scene. Once again these are all great and memorable scenes in this season, so it’s always nice to hear the creator’s take on them.

Deleted Scenes – There are 7 scenes that got cut from this season. They total 8 minutes. All of them were cut for time reasons, but none of them are scenes that are “must-watch” or anything. Fans might want to check these out, though

Bloopers – Your standard set of screw ups and gags that run for 4 1/2 minutes. The usual not really funny stuff.

While the sixth season doesn’t quite meet the quality of the premiere season or even the fifth season, because the Bolen family aren’t the best villains to grace Wisteria Lane with their presence, the acting is still relatively solid. This season probably won’t win over any haters of past seasons, but it will still be liked by the fans of the show, and might even intrigue new viewers enough to watch the next season.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment presents Desperate Housewives: The Complete Sixth Season. Created by Marc Cherry. Starring Terri Hacher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria Parker, Brenda Strong, Ricardo Chavira, Doug Savant, James Denton, Kyle MacLachlan, Dana Delany, and Kathryn Joosten. Running time: 989 minutes. Rated: NOT RATED. Released on DVD: September 21, 2010.