Nail’d Release Date Announced, New Trailer Released

South Peak & Deep Silver Announced today that Nail’d will be in stores on November 30 in North America.

In nail’d, arcade racing goes bigger, faster, higher, and longer than any game has ever gone before! Achieving these new heights of awesome requires a careful balance of speed, insanity and fresh underwear. So, straight from Mother Nature’s OMG collection, nail’d features spectacular terrain inspired by world famous locales such as Yosemite National Park and the Andes Mountains; however, reality has taken the day off to deliver 70-degree slopes, massive air, bottomless chasms, giant spinning saw blades, crashing airplanes, platforms held aloft by helicopters, enormous rolling boulders, fire, white-knuckle rides and heart-stopping jumps into the unknown.

They also announced that it will carry a $49.99 price tag on PS3 & XBox 360.

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