Will Time: How to Use CM Punk

As many of you know, my favorite active wrestler is CM Punk. I believe that he is just different enough to be a compelling and real character in a world full of cartoons. He is small and agile, but can be credible against a larger opponent. I believe that he is one of the best wrestlers on the world today.

The problem with Punk at this moment is his use. Part of this is because there are just too many quality heels in the WWE right now. Punk, much like Edge has been, seems to be lost without a program. WWE does not want to move him too far down the card, because that will mean that he is irrelevant. They also do not have a program for him at this moment since his stable is dissolved and his program with Big Show has mercifully ended.

Now word is coming out that Punk may be moving to the Raw brand as a part of the trade that moved Edge to Smackdown. This could be the revitalization that his character needs. He is not moving to a brand devoid of heels. Quite the contrary, that brand has Sheamus, The Nexus and The Miz as top heel performers. Putting Punk into that mix will be difficult, but he can fill a role that was left by Chris Jericho.

Punk, much like Jericho is a utility player that can move up and down the card with just one promo. He can be used to elevate younger talent, to bolster the main event scene and to provide a nice upper-card side show. CM Punk will at least have more faces to feud with on the Raw brand. With Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton, Evan Bourne and John Morrison the brand has a multitude of faces he can feud with and elevate.

His promo ability is also very good for him on the Raw brand. He is arguably one of the best talkers in the business today and can easily fill time on Raw. He can get a face more over by just allowing them to interrupt him and could even help guys like Morrison and Bourne who cannot get themselves over on the mic.

Will he be a WWE Champion on the Raw brand? I cannot promise that it will happen. Punk is so valuable in the upper to mid card as an elevator of talent and can create side programs for any main event player. I do think that he can work his way up to being a champion on this brand, but it will take time.

How do you think CM Punk should be used? It’s so easy to say that he should be a World Champion, but is that really how his character can be used the best?

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