10 Thoughts Review on Wolverine #2 by Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes

1. Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes spend this issue putting Wolverine and those closest to him through hell.

2. Wolverine’s indomitable spirit in fighting everything hell has to offer is perfect for the character, as is the Devil being unimpressed, having broken every stubborn soul to come his way.

3. It was fun finding the background characters in those Wolverine fought in hell. Here’s what I got- the Hand, Laser Clawed Assassins, Hydra goons, Nazis, Omega Red, The White Ghost (from my favorite Wolverine story ever, <i>Not Dead Yet</i>).

4. Best of all is the tamed spirit, Sabretooth.  This use of Wolverine’s supposed parallel and greatest villain really puts across how deadly the Devil is in these circumstances.

5. The two to save Wolverine in hell? Puck and what appears to be Logan’s brother from Origin.  Both are underutilized parts of Wolverine’s history and interesting choices.

6. Demon possessed Logan killing those he cares for just adds another layer of guilt to a tortured soul- a nice touch.

7. Mystique at least remains competent, requesting help from Damian Hellstrom and Ghost Rider.  In the Marvel U, it’s them or Dr. Strange when crap like this happens.

8. A broken Mariko tortures Logan and he basically immediately breaks.  This puts a dent in his brother’s plans, but is still perfectly accurate.

9. The backup with Amiko is just excellent.  I hope she becomes a more used character after this!

10. Rating: 8/10 – This is a busy issue with everything striking a chord, be it logical progression or underutilized parts of Logan’s history turning up, with plenty of fan favorite returns.  Jason Aaron gets Wolverine in a way few writers do and, more, he understands how to use that understanding to tell stories Wolverine fans will enjoy.

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