DR. TNA: Hulk Hogan, Foley, Bound for Glory

While I felt that the last couple iMPACTs were heavily focused on a possible “They”/WolfPac feud, this week’s iMPACT seemed to move several story lines.  Because of this, combined with the fact that Bound for Glory is right around the corner, I felt that perhaps a collection of thoughts addressing as many of these storylines as possible would be in order.  For lack of a better word, one could call them…musings.

note: unfortunately, at the time I submitted this piece, TNA had not yet released video, so I am unable to provide links

  • Mick Foley and Ric Flair put on one helluva match.  When one considers how old these guys are, the fact that they are able to still put their bodies through a match like that AND keep up a pace that kept fan interest is amazing.  I am nearly half of Flair’s age, and I don’t think I could take that punishment.  That aside, I would have said this was a good match if these guys we in their twenties.  Seriously, my hat is off to them both.
  • While I was a big fan of the Foley-Flair match, I’m kind of over the EV2.0-Fortune feud.  A few weeks back I wrote of how TNA had finally created a pure black and white feud.  I applauded them for that and I still think the Dreamer segment, which I referenced, was one of the best mic jobs I’ve seen.  That said, the feud is simply grown stale, and yes I know that was fast.  There are several members of both groups that I’d like to see continue being involved in some roles, but the broad brawls each week are growing old.  I hope there is something new that comes out of BFG with this.
  • It appears that the rumor I had been told, which had Bischoff and Hogan being revealed as “they” at Bound for Glory, at least partially, is off the table.  Multiple reports have Hulk Hogan on the shelf while he recovers from back surgery.  I suppose it is possible that his condition is not as bad as reported and that this is a curve ball to add a surprise element to BFG when he is revealed as just that person.  I also suppose he could be a puppet master, behind the scenes.  However, as of now it appears Hogan is not part of “they,” at least for now.  The question is now, what of Bischoff and Jarrett?
  • Can someone make me the special guest referee a future Knockouts match?  Seriously, TNA is living up to its acronym.  That division is SMOKING.  Oh, and psst….many of them can wrestle….well…
  • Back to “they,” the beginning of TNA was uncomfortable, boarding on creepy.  This is now the second or third Abyss segment in the past couple months that, in my opinion, has just not been good TV.  I’m all for the out of ring drama that builds the in ring stakes, but branding people and dragging a woman around in chains, is a touch too much for me.  Call me old fashioned, but I’m hoping once “they” are revealed, the creepy factor on this can be ratcheted back a bit.
  • For the love of all that is good in the world, please, please drop the Orlando Jordan “how uncomfortable can we make this segment” bits.  I really like Eric Young and I couldn’t watch the promo or the match.  It was that bad.
  • For those who saw the Bischoff-Wolfpac segment, how large of a**holes were the Pope, Nash, and Sting made out to be on Thursday?  I don’t know how many segments I’ve seen that end with one side being speechless, but it has not been many.  In fact, it went so far that I could help thinking that the Wolfpac theories have to at least be partially correct.  By the end of that segment, the public scolding had gotten to the point that I was actually sympathetic towards Nash, Sting and Pope.  Why go to that extent unless creative wants fans to cheer a face turn?
  • While the Battle Royal on Thursday started a bit slow, I thought it actually turned out pretty well.  I didn’t think that Abyss began the show on a strong note.  However, I liked his role as the dominant beast in the Battle Royal.  I wish that they would have let he and Nash go at it a bit more before they were both eliminated, but overall that was how I think Abyss is best used.  Not on the mic, but as a semi-unstoppable force in the ring.  In the end, Angle got the win and the $100K, makes me think, he’s likely not getting the gold on Sunday…

With that, I’m turning my attention to Bound for Glory.  I hope that TNA can deliver with this show. They have done a good job building anticipation for the event.  So good, that a bad show could bring about a backlash from viewers.

So TNA, I just want to tell you good luck.  We’re all counting on you.

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