Friday Morning Backlash with TNA Bound for Glory Previewed (Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, Sting, RVD)

Time to Preview TNA’s Bound For Glory!

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Ken Anderson for the TNA World Title – So, RVD was injured by Abyss and couldn’t defend his title, so it was stripped. TNA held a tournament and these are the final three. There are three men in the match because Angle and Hardy faced off twice and there was no winner either time. Angle has said he will retire if he doesn’t win here, and the build has centered around Anderson wanting to retire him, with Hardy an afterthought.

What Should Happen: They shouldn’t have booked a three-way, instead gone Round Robin for something different, but since we have this Anderson should go over here, pin Angle to give him time off, and make Ken their top guy in a feud with RVD. I don’t like Anderson at all, but he is over enough and they’ve already gone this far.

What Will Happen: I really expect Angle to win here, likely over Jeff Hardy, then go on to face RVD. Angle just never takes time off.

Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss in a Monster’s Ball Match – Abyss injured RVD at the behest of “them.” Them are the mysterious benefactor’s of Abyss and have been built to a point that short of it being Paul Heyman, there is no possible payoff that can be good enough. It isn’t Heyman, by the way. Abyss cost RVD the title and is terrorizing Dixie Carter, TNA’s Leader, so RVD now wants revenge. A Monster’s Ball match is just a Hardcore match and Abyss’ specialty. Abyss is fired either way after the match for assaulting Dixie.

What Should Happen: Since RVD is getting a title shot, he should beat Abyss then be assaulted by them. Since Them won’t be good enough, there’s no reason for them to take the heat off the number 1 contender.

What Will Happen: Abyss will win due to Them interfering, as heat on Them will be more important to TNA than their title for some reason. The fired Abyss will then run wild with his new outlaw group, likely lead by Eric Bischoff who could have had Dixie sign anything on Impact.

Fortune (AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Beer Money, and Kazarian) vs. EV2.0 (Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Rhino, Sabu, and Stevie Richards) in a Lethal Lockdown Match with Mick Foley and Ric Flair at ringside – Flair’s wrestlers are too classy and future focused to believe in the influence and importance of the former ECW wrestlers and Flair and Foley, the leaders of each group, hate one another, and so they’ve been fighting. This is Lethal Lockdown, which is War Games with Weapons, a great concept and this should be very good.

What Should Happen: AJ Styles or Matt Morgan should pin Tommy Dreamer and win the feud, putting the new generation over the ECW wrestlers. The ECW guys can catch and beat on Kazarian post-match to retain heat for those still under contract.

What Will Happen: Despite a likely heel turn by Raven, Tommy Dreamer will get his heat back and make the crowd happy by pinning AJ Styles. Sandman or someone to make ECW fans happy will likely show up, as well.

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me for the TNA Tag Titles – At the last Pay Per View, MCMG beat Generation Me who then turned heel, attacking and injuring Alex Shelley. This is MCMG’s revenge.

What Should Happen: MCMG should win in the Match of the Night and a Match of the Year Contender.

What Will Happen: Exactly what should.

Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara for the TNA Knockouts Title with Special Guest Referee Mickie James – The two Beautiful People factions (the first two making up the face group) will all face one another for the Knockouts title, with the faces already having won the feud for the Beautiful People moniker.

What Should Happen: Angelina Love should win the match, as the most over and best wrestler of the group. Her Beautiful People can then go heel and face Mickie James again.

What Will Happen: Tara will win to get her heat back from losing the last feud and face Mickie James again, because no one has seen James vs. Victoria enough.

Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash, the Pope and Sting – Nash and Sting have something they want from Hogan and Jarrett. The Pope believes in them. Hogan was supposed to be on Joe and Jarrett’s team, but back surgery makes that impossible, so we have a handicap match.

What Should Happen: Joe should absolutely just kill his opponents.

What Will Happen: The Pope will pin Joe.

Eric Young and Orlando Jordan vs. Ink Inc – Young and Jordan beat Ink Inc by a referee distraction, but Young is too honest and crazy, so he made a rematch for Bound for Glory.

What Should Happen: This match shouldn’t air. It’s going to be terrible, just like it was on Impact. We don’t need more cheap comedy.

What Will Happen: Young and Jordan will win and kiss to make this as strange as possible.

The Show as a Whole: This is a reasonably well-built show and there are two matches here that should be excellent. Lethal Lockdown is almost always good, while Generation Me and MCMG can tear the house down if given time. Add in some trainwreck value from Nash and Sting explaining their situation, as well as “Them” and the gore of the Abyss match and this should be worth the money. Kurt Angle reportedly has plans for a MOTYC, as well, so if you enjoy him, there’s that, too.

Be sure to check back later today for not just more from Pruett (yesterday he wrote how to use CM Punk), but also Rey with his awesome review of Live Impact.

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That’s it for the week for me. See you all Monday with my Bound for Glory Report Card.

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