Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Superstars 10.07.2010: Hart Dynasty, The Usos, William Regal, Darren Young

1. Chris Masters vs Vance Archer
– A real physical battle with both guys beating each other up with chops and as Dusty Rhodes would say “clubbin”.  Archer accidently hits Curt Hawkins and Hawkins becomes angry. Masters puts on the Masterlock while Archer is distracted for the win. After the match, Hawkins attacks Archer and the Gatecrashers are through.
Winner: Chris Masters

NXT Recap

2. William Regal vs Darren Young
– A new announcer was with Jerry Lawler calling the match. They really put Regal over for being a 15+ year vet and having reptiles as animals. Darren hanged pretty good with Regal but Regal was just too much and was able to beat Darren easily.
Winner: William Regal

Raw Rebound

3. The Hart Dynasty vs the Usos
– The announcers kept saying how Natalya wasn’t with the Harts and how the Harts had problems after last week. Tyson looked really good with his flying around and this was probably the best the Usos have looked. Tyson tosses one of the Usos into DH but turns around and gets hit with a superkick and Superfly splash for the Usos win.
Winners: The Usos

Final thoughts: A big improvement from the previous 2 weeks. Masters/Archer and the main were really good matches. The new announcer, Scott Stanford wasn’t half bad.