Will Time: Thoughts on Wrestling Fandom

Being a wrestling fan is a challenge sometimes. There are a lot of things that society tends to assume about us. First, they say that we are all hicks. They wonder if we know that it is all fake. People like to say that fans of professional wrestling watch only to see grown men in tights. We are also often seen as people who glorify horrific violence, especially after the Benoit murder-suicides. All of this can be so frustrating.

Currently, I am studying to get a Masters degree and being given a full ride at a very prestigious school. I’m extraordinarily lucky to be in the position that I’m in and feel privileged to be here. I am anything but an idiot.

This week I reached post number 100 on this blog (this one is number 101) and I like to think that for people that read my blog this perception of wrestling fans does not exist. I like to try and foster intelligent conversation about the extremely silly, but still entertaining world of wrestling.

It is also one of my goals with this blog to show that wrestling fans on the Internet can use proper grammar and spell things correctly. It sounds awful, but if you notice your comments are being deleted or not posted it might be because of this. I am also often aware of my own typos thanks to my wonderful wife.

Right now, it is a great and a bad time to be wrestling a fan. We have access to more information about the business than ever before. We also have been given access to the larger than life wrestlers via their twitter accounts. We tend to see wrestlers as a combination of their public personality and who they are onscreen. It is not a popular thought to say that a wrestler the Internet fans like to hate is actually a great performer.

I have noticed that many wrestling fans tend to be bitter today. Many will say that it is caused by the product, but I find that hard to believe. So much has been said about “Triple H squashing Wrestler A” or how “Wrestler B is being held down” either by management or the locker room. I would like to caution other fans from believing too much of this. Why can’t we all just enjoy it for what it is?

I will occasionally complain about wrestling. It’s the nature of writing this blog and the nature of being a fan. I try to be fair with what I like and dislike. Some people may think that I am a little heavy handed with TNA, but I honestly see all of the potential in the world with that company. I would love for them to succeed, but they just cannot seem to breakthrough.

On a lighter note, I have received a few very funny comments lately. Some of them seem to believe that I am the WWE. I’ve been told that people will stop watching “me” if John Cena and The Nexus continue to be in this storyline together. It’s quite entertaining to me.

Let me know what your thoughts are on being a fan today. I’m very curious to hear from my readers about this one.

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