Marvel says comparing Marvel’s new price moves to DC’s isn’t fair to either company

Read Marvel’s NYCC musings on DC’s recent price drop to $2.99 and Marvel’s subsequent pricing news:

When a reader asked if Marvel could drop the prices on $3.99 titles like DC Comics is (to some audience applause), David asked if fans who want to see titles drop to $2.00 would also like to see their local comic shops go out of business. As costs rise for retailers in terms of rent and operational expenses, he argued, books must also rise sometimes.

“We totally understand as people your concern,” added [Axel] Alon[s]o, noting Marvel’s announcement of some cheaper books shipping. “The DC announcement is not without controversy” which included the drop of two editorial pages, which is a move which may have its own effects on the market and concerns for creators and fans. “It’s not quite as simple as ‘Drop your books to $2.99, and everything will be okay.” [Arun] Singh said that many new books debuting in 2011 will ship at $2.99 and that comparing Marvel’s new moves to DC’s isn’t fair to either company.


Source: CBR