Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-3 Review

Hello everyone! What did everyone think of last night’s episode?

Spoiler-free zone:

While the episode seemed like a filler one at times, it still shows the great potential that every storyline has. Everything is getting more and more interesting which makes me really annoyed that I’ll have to wait another week to see what’s gonna happen. Also, Vanessa Williams seems to be fitting in quite nicely which is a big relief.

Spoiler zone:

Bree and Renee were the best this week. It’s good that the writers are blending Renee with the rest of the group. In general, I am very intrigued by the whole Bree/Keith storyline. I think it’s because Bree doesn’t know where the whole thing is going and thus the audience doesn’t know either. She had some pretty awesome moments, the first one being her attempt to seduce Keith by wearing her dress backwards and her second being, sabotaging her own lawn with a golf club. It seems like it’s on between her and Renee and it’s probably gonna have a funny outcome. I hear there is a Halloween episode on the way so that looks like it’s gonna be eventful.

Susan continued working for the website and while the storyline didn’t progress, it did have some funny moments along with a fun little catfight. It appears though that she is missing Wisteria Lane more and more, which hopefully means she will be getting back anytime soon.

Lynette’s storyline was pretty entertaining as well. I like that the writers poked some fun on the whole medicinal marijuana craze that has been going on lately. I guess Tom couldn’t tell the difference between oregano and weed seeing as he never smoked pot before. I’m happy the writers ended that on a positive note. I am, though, still curious to see what exactly Lynette’s storyline is this year. I mean Renee was kind of the focus of her character initially but now that Renee is starting to blend with the rest of the group, I assume something else will happen.

Gabrielle’s story was the dramatic one this week. On the one hand Carlos was right about the fact that they might take Juanita away but is he really that ok with living in the dark? Eva Longoria is great at drama so I’m excited to see her dealing with some darker stuff right now. Her scene in the clothing store was pretty intense.

While Paul’s storyline didn’t advance, it definitely made Beth a more intriguing character. She did after all fit in with the rest of the girls after a game of poker. She still remains mysterious though. She obviously told Paul that she wouldn’t mind even if he did kill Martha Huber, just so she can get him to confess. However, her quirkiness, while funny at times, does make her seem a bit mysterious. I hope she is not Felicia’s daughter cause that would be too obvious. I really enjoy watching her though

To sum up, a solid episode to what so far has been a promising season!

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