Inside Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Bound For Glory 2010 Results Report

Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Bound for Glory Report
Live from Daytona Beach
Announcers: Taz & Mike Tenay
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Inside Pulse Wrestling by: PK

Motor City Machineguns (c) vs. Generation Me – TNA World Tag Team Championship
Shelley & Max start the match, and Max quickly pins Shelley in the corner. Ref makes them get out, and Shelley takes over, and tags in Sabin, hits some doubleteam moves. Shelley tagged back in, hits the ropes, and Jeremy grabs his ankles, and Max dropkicks him to the floor. Jeremy tagged in, but Sabin makes the save on Shelley, and they double team Jeremy, them Max. Guns hits the Neckbreaker/Crossbody combo, and score the pin on Jeremy.
Winners & Still Champions – MCMG

Madison has some hateful words for Christy Hemme. Madison is not worried about Tara turning on her tonight. She then calls Mickie James a skank. Tara seems to be mocking Madison behind her back.

Recap promo leading into the Knockout Championship Match.

Angelina Love (c) vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara – TNA Knockouts Championship
Special Guest Ref: Mickie James
The match is tag-in style. Rayne & Love start. Rayne backs off, and tags in Velvet right away. They tie up, and go back and forth a few moments. As both are down, Rayne tags her self in at Velvet’s expense. The match then quickly breaks down, and all the woman are in the ring. Madison is on the apron, and Tara goes for the Widow’s Peak on Velvet. Velvet slides through and runs Tara into Madison, who falls on Love. Velvet rolls up Tara, who reverses it into a roll up, and she scores the pin.
Winner and New Champion – Tara

Madison gets in Tara’s face. Tara seems like she’s worried. Mickie tries to tell Madison what happened, and she slaps Mickie. Mickie then slugs her, and bails.

Christy is EY. He has maker all over him, pretending it’s tattoos. EY says that he doesn’t care that OJ is bi…..polar. Christy has a befuddled look on her face. OJ comes in and gets EY for their match.

Ink, Inc. vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young
Anyone who hasn’t seen TNA Explosion over the past few weeks (that makes everyone I’m assuming), or who didn’t see Impact this past week (again, everyone), might not know what’s going on here. A few weeks back, EY fell off the top turnbuckle, and knocked himself silly. So, instead of the serious EY we’ve had the past year or so, we are back to wacky EY. In this case, EY doesn’t quite understand that his partner is OJ, and he sides with Ink, Inc., allowing them to hit the Samoan Drop/Blockbuster combo for the pin.

Christy with Jeff Hardy. He says that someone is about to have an unfortunate Twist of Fate.

Jay Lethal (c) vs. Douglas Williams – TNA X-Division Championship
Back and forth to start. Williams goes for the Chaos Theory early, but Lethal slides out, and hits the Lethal Combination, but Williams rolls out of the ring. Lethal then slingshots out on top of Williams on the floor. Lethal is on fire, and he hits a series of clotheslines and dropkicks for 2. Lethal then hits a springboard Moonsault into a pin for 2. Lethal goes for the Tajrii back elbow, but Williams turns it into a German Suplex for 2. Williams with a snap brainbuster for 2. Lethal fights out of a Gut Wrench, but Williams nails him with an Exploder Suplex for 2. Williams then hits the Chaos Theory, but Lethal kicks out at 2! Williams gets in the ref’s face, and is taking is his sweet time getting back on Lethal. Williams puts Lethal on the top turnbuckle, and Williams goes for a top rope hurra canranna, but Lethal holds on on the way down, and rolls up Williams for the pin.
Winner and Still Champion – Lethal

Jay Lethal celebrates in the crowd with the fans. The Shore jumps him from behind. They take him back in the ring, and Robbie hits Lethal with a Diamond Cutter. Robbie on the mic, says that Lethal is a disgrace to New Jersey. He then says that he will win the X-Division Championship, and bring it back to NJ to bling it out ‘My Dude’. Cookie then declares ‘Jersey is in the house, bitches.’

Recap of RVD being taken out by Abyss. They do a cool theme where RVD keeps saying ‘What if I…’

Abyss vs. RVD – Monster’s Ball
Remember when Monster’s Ball meant that the wrestler was locked in a dark closet all day before the match? I realize that they weren’t “really” locked in there, but it actually added a different element that a normal hardcore match didn’t. Abyss comes out and says that the time is here to reveal who ‘They’ are. RVD’s music hits and the match starts right away without being revealed. They fight back and forth, and RVD quickly hits a chair. Abyss takes over, and puts a barbwire board in the ring, but RVD lays him out on it! RVD then goes for a Rolling Thunder, but Abyss moves, and RVD lands back-first on the barbwire. Abyss rolls to the outside, and bridges a table from the ring apron to the guard railing, and then on the other side of the ring, he bridges another barbwire board. Abyss then tries to choke slam RVD through the table, but RVD fights back, and Abyss is laid out on the table, and RVD hits a Rolling Thunder over the top rope, and through Abyss through the table. RVD then pulls Abyss back in the ring, and he puts him in the corner, slamming a chair on him, and looks to be going for the Van Terminator, but as he poses on the top rope, Abyss gets up, and throws the chair in RVD’s face, and RVD falls from the top through the bridged Barbwire board. Abyss now gets Janice from ringside. He swings and misses wildly, and RVD hits Abyss with the Van Daminator. He then tosses Abyss back in the corner, and slams another barbwire board against him, and then hits the Van Terminator. RVD then looks to be going up to the 5 Star, but he picks up Janice, and hits Abyss across the gut with it! RVD then hits the 5 Star for the pin.
Winner – RVD

Abyss looks into the camera after the match and says ‘ten ten ten, we are here.;

Recap of the Sting/Nash/JJ nonsense.

Sting, Kevin Nash & The Pope vs. Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett
Pope & Joe start. They go back and forth. Sting & Nash interfere. JJ is waiting for a hot tag, and when Joe can finally get to him, JJ just steps off the apron, leaving Joe to the wolves. Joe tries to fight, but they outnumber him. Nash hits the Jackknife for the pin.
Winners – Sting, Nash & Pope

Mr. Anderson is with Christy. He says that he will win tonight, because Angle punched him in the nuts, and he won’t let that slide.

Team 3D comes out and announces that they are going to retire. They want to have one last match, to try and go out on top. They then challenge the Motor City Machineguns to a title match. If Team 3D wins, they retire the Tag Team Champs. If MCMG wins, they will be credited with retiring Team 3D.

Recap of Forture/EV2.0

Fortune vs. EV2.0 – Lethal Lockdown
The teams are standing by at ringside. Stevie & Kaz start the match. They go back and forth, and Stevie holds his own. He mocks Flair after he takes out Kaz. AJ is the next man in, and they double team Stevie. AJ locks in the Figure 4, and Kaz holds him in place. Dreamer is the next man in. Stevie tries to Superplex Kaz, but AJ comes over, and turns it into a Tower of Pain, with Kaz’s feet kicking Dreamer in the face. Roode is next in, and he takes Tommy’s head, and sticks it through the camera hole for Flair to punch. Fortune starts taunting EV2.0, grinding Dreamer’s head in the cage infront of them. Sabu in next, and he just runs right over Fortune. Storm is next in, and again, he just takes out the EV2.0 guys, and Fortune holds strong. Raven is next in for EV2.0, the match is now just a big clusterfuck. Morgan is in, and he dominates the next 2 minutes, until Rhino comes in. Rhino hits a clothesline on everyone, then a GORE GORE GORE on Kaz. The roof comes down, and the EV2.0 guys get all the weapons, and they take complete control of the match. Morgan goes for a Carbon Footprint, but misses, and kicks the cage. AJ is then thrown through the door. The match spills out. Kaz & Stevie make their way to the top of the cage, where there are a few tables and a ladder. Sabu launches himself out of the ring through the door on Storm & Morgan. Kaz lays Stevie on the table, and goes to climb the ladder, but Brian Kendrick was hiding up there(??), and he takes Kaz out by tossing him through the table. AJ lays Dreamer out in the ring with a chair laid over him, and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Dreamer gets up, and hits AJ with the chair, then climbs the top with AJ, then nails a Death Valley Driver from the top, on the chair for the pin.
Winners – EV2.0

Christy is with Angle. Angle reminds us that he will retire if he loses. He says that this one is for Hulk.

Video Package for the Main Event.

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle – TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Tenay has said that there will be no Time Limit, No DQ, and No Count Outs, there must be a winner. Hardy & Angle double team Anderson to start. They send him to the floor. Angle charges Hardy, who back body drops Angle to the floor. Anderson back in, beats down on Hardy, hits the ropes, but Angle grabs him, and brings him to the floor. Hardy then leaps out on both of them. Back in the ring, Hardy lays out Anderson, and he goes for the Swanton, but misses, and Angle is quick to try and get the pin. Angle then hits the Triple Germans on Anderson, and then does the same to Hardy. Angle ties to put the Ankle Lock on Hardy, but Anderson breaks it up. Angle then lays out Anderson, and he has the Ankle Lock on both at the same time! They eventually roll out of it. Anderson goes to the top, and Angle joins him. Anderson gets the advantage, and he hits a Rolling Drop from the top on Angle. Anderson goes for the pin, but Hardy comes off the top with a Swanton on both, and pins both at the same time, but only 2. Angle hits Hardy with a Olympic Slam, and locks in the Ankle Lock, but Jeff rolls it around into Anderson, who hits Angle with the Mic Check for 2. All 3 men are down. Bischoff comes out with a chair, and he stands over Angle. Hogan’s music hits, and he crutches his way to the ring. It’s long and embarrassing. Hogan gets in the ring, and stares down Bischoff. Bischoff takes one of his crutches away, and they are now looking like they are going to hit each other. Hardy gets inbetween them, grabs Hogan’s crutch, and hits Angle with it! He then grabs Bischoff’s crutch, and he hits Anderson with it! Hardy pins Anderson, and he is the new Champion.
Winner and NEW Champion – Jeff Hardy

Jeff Jarrett & Abyss make their way down to congratulate Hardy. RVD comes out and wonders why, and Hardy cracks him over his head with the title belt. The fans are throwing trash in the ring.

Show Over.

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