10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 10.11.2010 feat. Cena vs Miz and Bragging Rights Team Shaping Up

Welcome once again to my 10 Thoughts on WWE Raw. This week’s show features Miz vs John Cena and the creation the Raw’s Bragging Rights team. To read my thoughts on last night’s TNA Bound for Glory show and Jeff Hardy’s heel turn check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

Now on with the thoughts!

1. Call me crazy, but I don’t think the only reason fans were booing John Cena was the Nexus armband. Nice try Jerry Lawler.

2. Being a wrestling fan with a good memory, I am always happy when the company itself has a good memory. Mentioning Raw’s defeat at Bragging Rights last year made this year’s show much more important. On a different memory note, Michael Cole mentioned that Team WWE did not win at Summerslam. That is simply not true. Michael Cole should not be a commentator.

3. Has WWE bothered to establish why Eve is with R-Truth now? Is she just there to dance to his awful new song?

4. John Morrison’s flipping move was amazing. Sadly, he could never adopt that as a finisher since he couldn’t do that to anyone except Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd.

5. The intrigue with Husky Harris and Michael McGuilicutty is fun. I have to wonder if they will be more than just members of The Nexus. This will all seem a little disappointing if they are.

6. Does anyone actually want Santino on Team Raw?

7. Not a bad showing for Justin Gabriel, who I assumed would lose quickly to Randy Orton. The 450 Splash looked like it could have been botched, which led me to anticipate a classic Orton tantrum. Sadly, we did not see one.

8. Sheamus and Daniel Bryan could really put together an entertaining back and forth match. This was not too bad for Bryan, but they could have given him time to look better. He is not a priority in WWE right now, and that is disappointing.

9. Wow. R-Truth must have been crunk backstage when he told John Cena to quit. That’s great for all of the children that look up to John Cena and R-Truth to hear.

10. CM Punk on Raw! I love that I’ll be privy to more Punk promos and matches on Monday nights. His rampage towards Evan Bourne shows that the Raw writing team at least plans to use him and I couldn’t be more excited.

BONUS THOUGHTS (brevity is not the soul of my wit)

11. A diva’s promo segment, or as I like to think “time to check out Monday Night Football.”

12. Maybe it messes up part of the narrative, but promoting Miz vs Cena as a no DQ match all night might have hooked some viewers.

13. Not a bad match between John Cena and The Miz. I worry that they are giving this match away on Raw too much, meaning that it won’t be special in the next year when it could main event a PPV.

14. Is the Cenation a part of the WWE Universe? WWE needs to put a map on their website.

That’s all for me this week kids! I hope you’ve enjoyed these thoughts. To read about Jeff Hardy’s heel turn and some thoughts on it, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com. I’ll be back tomorrow night with my new People’s Column (now an almost nightly feature).

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