Chuck – Episode 4-4 Review

Monday night’s episode of Chuck felt like a classic Chuck episode. It was probably the funniest episode this season, and in particular there were some great moments between Chuck and Sarah.

What happened next…

I love when Morgan gives Chuck relationship advice, and nothing was funnier than him analyzing the surveillance video of Chuck’s accidental non-proposal to Sarah. He told Chuck to read a popular new book called “101 Conversations Before ‘I Do'”, and Chuck actually took his advice. He kept trying to coax Sarah into the conversations without ever actually telling her why he was doing it.

Meanwhile, Morgan was trying to figure out if he should risk trying to date Alex even though it would mean Casey would try to kill him. This relationship is hilarious because it includes Casey, so I hope it works out. I want to see Morgan doting on a pretty girl and getting under Casey’s skin, and I’d like to see Casey’s relationship with his daughter grow.
Awesome was pretty funny this week too – he kept talking to Ellie’s stomach so much that she insisted they go on a “babymoon” vacation. Cue scary people from Costa Gravas again, back to invite Awesome to the island as a thank you for saving the Generalisimo’s life.

Marble Man

Chuck and Sarah accompanied Awesome and Ellie on their trip to Costa Gravas so they could make sure things were safe and so they could talk. However, hardly any talking got done because soon after the Generalisimo revealed a massive marble statue or a shirtless Dr. Awesome, his wife staged a coup.

The best part of the whole coup was that Ellie actually saw Chuck kick some butt, so she realized what a good spy he actually was. But that didn’t change her mind at all. The other hilarious part was that after the Generalisimo fled to the United States, he would only trust Casey to protect him.

The scene where Chuck and Sarah returned to Costa Gravas to get rid of their nuclear weapons and ended up using their newly found communication skills to bring the Generalisimo and his wife back together was pretty funny. It was silly, but fun. At the end of the episode, after having saved the day, Chuck confessed to Ellie that he’s trying to find their mom. The only thing is that the Generalisimo had some information on her, and it’s looking more and more like she’s a bad guy. In a couple of episodes, we’ll get to find out. Something tells me that she’ll originally seem like a bad guy, but will eventually be revealed to be good. I mean, she’s Chuck’s mom! She has to be good!

The episode ended on a very sweet note, where Sarah told Chuck that if he proposed for real, she’d say yes. She thought he was sleeping, but we saw Chuck smile before the show ended. Do you think Chuck will propose this season? Will it change the show, or is change good? After four seasons, I think I’d like to see Chuck and Sarah get married. He’s chased her long enough.

What did you think of Chuck Versus the Coup D’Etat? Are you looking forward to meeting Chuck’s mom?