How I Met Your Mother – Episode 6-4 Review

How I Met Your Mother was funny this week! Like really, really funny!

Everyone knows that the sign of a true New Yorker is getting into a lot of arguments over directions, traffic and transportation. Everyone in that city has a different opinion on the best way to get from Point A to Point B, and everyone thinks they’re right.

That’s essentially what happened on HIMYM this week, only the gang pointed out a few other things that make you a true New Yorker as well: Seeing Maury Povich, seeing Woody Allen, stealing a cab from someone who really needs it, crying on the subway and killing a cockroach with your bare hands.

Robin was struggling at work because she was being eclipsed by a new, bubbly co-host (Amazing Race fans – how much did that woman remind you of Brook from this season?) and she was feeling as though the city was eating her alive. So when the gang got into a disagreement over the quickest way to get to Gregor’s steakhouse for a Woody Allen spotting, she really needed to win.

There were two things that I especially loved about this episode. One was the countless Maury Povich sightings, and the other was the “Why so-and-so needed a win”. Everyone had their own way of getting there, and everyone felt like they needed to win. Marshall thought he could outrun any machine, so he tried to run to the restaurant. I’d have to say Marshall’s not a real New Yorker though, because he waited for the crosswalk to turn green before crossing the street. I’ve been to New York a bunch of times and never saw anyone do that.  Lily thought the subway was quickest (she speaks conductor!), and the way she kept diving through the doors only to see that they remained open was pretty hilarious. Marshall and Lily were both privately feeling pretty crappy because they’d been trying to get pregnant for two months and nothing had happened yet.

Meanwhile, Barney’s fail proof way of getting anywhere quickly was to fake a a heart attack and then have an ambulance take him to the nearest hospital. Oh, and Barney didn’t need the win – everything is perfect in his life and he always smells awesome.

Ted thought the bus would be fastest (really, Ted? The bus?) and needed a win because he’d gotten one bad review on a website where students rate their teachers. All the other reviews were raves, but one dude said he was boring and that sent Ted’s self-esteem spiraling. But Robin, who thought taking a ab was quickest, needed the win most of all. Don left her for a better job – one she’d turned down – she was struggling at work, and she felt like after six years in New York her life was going nowhere.

In the end, everyone’s issues got resolved. Ted realized that he is a good teacher, even though he annoys everyone on the bus by giving architecture lectures. Marshall and Lily realized that getting pregnant is not a race, and they should enjoy their babyless time while they can. And Barney realized he’d ignored Robin when she needed advice, so he tackled Ted to the ground in order to let Robin win the contest. And I think we all learned that the best way to get around in New York City is to call Ranjit.

What did you think of “Subway Wars”? Did you like playing “Spot Maury Povich”? Do you think Marshall’s law school friend could be a new love interest for Robin, or will she end up back with Don or Barney? And are you ready for Lily to get knocked up?