In Stores Now: Super Scribblenauts (Nintendo DS/DSi)

Super Scribblenauts
Developer: 5th Cell
Publisher: WB Games
Platform: Nintendo DS/DSi

In Super Scibblenauts, the follow up to the critically acclaimed Scribblenauts players now have the ability to write any object that comes to mind and modify it in any way they desire using adjectives to reach the specified goal in each level. Adjectives can change the color, size, elements, behaviors, and many other aspects of the object they are describing. Multiple adjectives can be combined together to produce incredibly creative objects, allowing the player’s imagination to run wild for a truly unique and individualistic experience.

-Adjective System – 10,000+ adjectives reflect real life behaviors, personalities and characteristics of the objects they are applied to
-120 brand new levels – With more lengthy and in-depth experiences and scenarios
-Multi Layered Hints – Can’t figure that puzzle out? Now you have an option to purchase more explicit hints
-Dynamic Merit System – Dynamic merits during gameplay awarded upon the satisfaction of their criteria
-Universal Feedback System – see your progress throughout each level
-Improved Controls – Use the D-pad of Stylus controls
-New Level Editor – Create both puzzle and action levels


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