10 Thoughts On South Park – It’s a Jersey Thing – Episode 14-9

10 Thoughts On South Park – It’s a Jersey Thing – Episode 14-9

And we are back with the second new episode in the second wave of South Park season 14. This time they are “tackling” the issue of Jersey Shore. Did they succeed? Here are my 10 thoughts!

1. And it’s the obligatory Jersey Shore/Housewives episode. Seems like another obvious/easy target for the second week in a row.

2. Muff cabbage!

3. I really liked the “interview” type segments with the Jersey people. I hope they do some with the South Park characters by the end of the episode.

4. Jersey, like a plague, has spread across the entire US. They have a map where there is a gigantic red NEW JERSEY, and Randy Marsh warns the town that South Park might become West Jersey.

5. There we go – Kyle’s Mom does an interview and reveals… she’s from Jersey! Then the other characters ask who she’s talking to. Awesome.

6. Kyle makes a Jersey transformation, cutting and gelling his hair, then pulling off his sleeves to create a cut-off.

7. They shoe-horned Arnold Schwarzenegger into one scene, with a shot on the California state budget. Odd and not overly funny.

8. The town decides to settle their differences with Al Qaeda, so that they can enlist their help in the fight against Jersey. ultimately Al Qaeda does fly over South Park and crashes planes into the Jersey people, murdering them all. Unbelievably Awesome!!

9. They made Snooki into a rat/beast of some sort that wandered around Sizzler wanting “smush smush” from everyone while humping them. Totally disgusting but hilarious at the same time.

10. They actually have a press conference to thank Osama Bin Laden for saving South Park. Then he is shot in the head and killed by the US Army at the end for warm fuzzies all around.

I’m sure there will be those think this is a second episode with an easy target, but the last 10 minutes with AL Qaeda helping South Park defeat Jersey were epic and classic South Park. Just in case there would be some extreme outrage at the idea of using planes as weapons in a comedic sense, Matt and Trey made sure to kill off Osama Bin Laden at the end. Will that be enough to avoid controversy? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Cartman: You know what you do when you want a family to move away? Every night, you go and take a crap on their doorstep

Kyle: Is that why there’s crap on my doorstep every morning?

Cartman: Oops, busted

Cartman: You’re a ginger, you’re a Jew and you’re from Jersey – Strike Three, Kyle, you’re out!

Kyle’s Mom: You can take the fetus out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the fetus

Kyle (as jersey Kyle): Put that cabbage in your f[beep]cking muff!

(edited to correct Kyle’s Mom)