10 Thoughts on WWE NXT for 10.12.2010 – AJ, Kaitlyn, and Michael Cole

1. I think the NXT Season 3 theme song is going to be stuck in my head for a while. I got to the live stream five minutes early and they played it on a never ending loop.

2. Last week’s elimination was a milestone? I can’t believe the next elimination is in THREE WEEKS. Then again, I find this to be an entertaining train wreck so bring it on.

3. I wanted some Demolition during the theme competition, but since the girls didn’t get LOD I doubt they would’ve gotten it. I did like Cole’s rips on the competition once AJ started running away with it. Then again, she’s actually a fan unlike some of these.

4. Airing this show on the Internet might be a test run for the WWE to try more broadcasts in the future. It allows them to have free advertising for their products. I’d love for them to air a house show online just to see how many would “tune” in. Then again, it’s not like Heat or Velocity really spurred that change years ago.

5. Naomi has some mad in-ring skills. I thought that using her butt as a weapon off the ropes was pretty cool. What is Maxine doing sitting by the announce table anyway if she isn’t doing commentary. Anyway, good match between Naomi and Alicia by NXT Season 3 standards. It’s good it ended where it did, though, because it was falling apart near the end.

6. I’m really interested to see how Goldust is going to thwart the immigration officials. If he goes into 1996 mode it’ll be great.

7. Striker’s line about Craigslist during the “1 minute whatever” contest was awesome. It had me in stitches.

8. I don’t see where all of Matthews and Cole’s hate came from on Maxine’s promo. It was better than anyone else’s shtick.

9. Kaitlyn’s careless act is really stale now. She’s got the looks to be a good diva, but she can’t cut promos and her other behavior is lame. Aksana has an interesting storyline, Naomi has athletic ability, and AJ has “energy” I guess. Kaitlyn and Maxine are floundering right now. Yes, Kaitlyn has that whole Dolph-Vickie deal, but Dolph never appeared this week so they seem to keep that storyline together.

10. Primo is such a forgettable pro. I haven’t noticed him this whole season.

10 (+1). Goldust and Aksana getting married? Well this should be interesting. Hearing Cole crap all over the wedding ceremony should be fun.

The second half of the show fell flat, but it didn’t ruin the show for me. They’ve presented enough stuff to where I’d be interested in watching next week even if I wasn’t doing this column.

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