Reality Dish Interview w/Mandi Moyer (MTV Cutthroat) [Podcast]

I love Mandi Moyer.  There, I said it.  Along with Laurel, she is my favorite on the MTV Challenge and we became good friends after I met her at the Fresh Meat 2 reunion party in New York.  Most remember Mandi as being the newbie who carried Wes when they were eliminated on Fresh Meat, but  I know her to be hilariously funny and a true character.  I caught up with her to talk about the Cutthroat challenge and if she feels that she is the reality version of Kelly Taylor from 90210.  We also talked about her feelings on Laurel, who she thought the hottest cast members were, and if she felt she was at an advantage by not being forced to compete with a partner this time.  Check it out!