Sara Del Rey and being a TNA Knockout

The Wrestling Observer has the following comment from Del Rey and note on hew comment:

TNA did tell me I need more of what The Beautiful People have and I kind of took that in the sense to be more feminine, but then I thought, `Oh, you already have a roster full of that.’”

The Observer notes that, at first, with Kong, Gail Kim and ODB, the Knockouts were booked in straight wrestling matches with nothing but wins and losses really driving things, and as the aforementioned three and The Beautiful People got over as heels. At this point, the Knockouts were wildly over with the crowd and the highest rated thing in TNA. TNA then decided to book the Knockouts in TNA angles and focus entirely on the Beautiful People, at which point ratings fell. TNA, always so clever, apparently learned from this that they need more acts like the Beautiful People.

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Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter