UFC Primetime: Brock Lesnar-Cain Velasquez Episode #2 Recap

We start out at the Deathclutch Gym in Alexandria, MN. Brock says his life is boring during training. He is a private guy, so much so that he isn’t allowing cameras around his family or anywhere outside his training time at the Deathclutch Gym.

We go back to Ocotber of 2009 where Brock Lesnar found himself in the hospital due to diverticulitis. He thought his career could be over but wanted it to be over on his terms. So he made it his mission to get back into the Octagon.

Brock did just that and returned in July in an epic bout against Shane Carwin. Lesnar sees Velasquez as another obstacle that God has set before him. And it’s another obstacle that Brock will conquer.

Out to San Jose and the American Kickboxing Academy. Family is first for Cain Velasquez, and his fiancee and daughter join him for a day of training.

Cain is honored to be a role model in the Latino community. We go with Cain to an intervention services facility where he inspires younger kids to chase their dreams.

Cain’s team is training to combat Brock’s size with stamina. They feel that Cain is in the best shape of his life and seem to be intent on taking this fight the full five rounds, thinking Cain can overtake him in rounds three through five.

“If you take the bull head on, you get the horns. If you move around it, you tame the beast.”

Back to Minnesota, Team Lesnar heads outdoors to do some cardio. Brock does some sprints in a local park. Brock works the ropes at the park, in perhaps the most visibly intimidating exercise he can perform.

Pat Barry needs his own show. He says that Brock going 70% is like anyone else going 160%. He says that Cain may be better conditioned if this were a long-distance jog, but Brock is more than ready to go five rounds.

Cain takes a break from training to spend time with his family. They spend time at the park. Cain’s fiancee says Cain has a big heart and it gets hard for her as fight day approaches and Cain starts to shut off and get into fight mode.

Brock breaks the fight down for us in its simplest form: “He has a few more fights than I do, but I’m the champion and he’s not.”

That is all for the second episode of UFC Primetime: Lesnar-Velasquez. If you missed last week’s episode, read the recap here.

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