Wednesday Comments – A Fateful Decision

So, I’m about to part ways with my local comic shop. It’s the store (though not the location) where I first fell in love with Vertigo. It’s where I discovered Kingdom Come and where I first picked up 100 Bullets and Y the Last Man. Sure it’s moved at least three times since I first stumbled onto it, but it’s been the same owners and the same guys behind the counter.

I’ve picked up quite a few good memories from that shop and I’m really going to miss it.

I supposed that I don’t really have to miss it, it’s just moving. Well, it’s not just moving; it’s moving to a location that’s not nearly as convenient as it’s current one.

You see, at it’s current location it’s on four different bus lines, which is perfect for me because I’m a pedestrian. I can actually step outside of my apartment and catch two busses to the shop. And from the shop I can catch three busses to work. Like I said, it’s crazy convenient for going before or after work or even on a day off.

I’ve also got a pretty sweet deal at the shop. No only do I get 20% off of my weekly pull list, but I also at least 20% off of trades. In addition to that I also get free copies of Previews and Marvel Previews because a) I get quite a few titles and b) I’ve been known to order merchandise in the past, like the upcoming Sinestro Corps Power Battery Prop.

However once the move happens, I’ll be able to catch one singular bus to the shop and back. Sure that bus’ll also get me to the general vicinity of work, but it’s far from reliable. That would mean that I’d pretty much only be able to hit the shop on days off, which is sort of unacceptable. There are times when I really enjoy going to the shop before work and having my books with me while I work. It makes the finish line that is the end of the day all the more satisfying.

I genuinely feel bad about abandoning them. I’m sure they’re worried about losing customers and I’m sure that the move is a costly experience, but they’ve no longer where I need them to be. They’re going to move to a location that’s just not feasible for me to visit on a weekly basis.

I’m fortunate that I’ve got options. There’s a comic shop that’s pretty close to Johns Hopkins, which would be closer to where I live. There’s also a relatively new comic shop that just won the honor of “Best of Baltimore.” It’s pretty close to downtown, so it might be worth checking out.

I doubt that I’ll get as sweet a deal at either of those two shops that I did at my current and soon to be former shop, but change is the nature of things. I’ve got t find a new shop and build a new relationship with the guys behind it’s counter. I’ll have to generate a new pull list (which should be a boon to Babos’ many “what’s on your (fill in the blank) list)” threads in our forums.

It’ll be tough, but I guess I’ll survive.

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