WWE PPV Buy-Rates Falling Hard including Wrestlemania and the Royal Rumble

The Wrestling Observer had the following notes about WWE PPV Buy-Rates:

Wrestlemania is at 491,000 buys and likely to end up at 495,000 or so. The Rumble is at 258,000 buys and will likely end up at 260,000. Both shows are down, with Wrestlemania especially huge and worrying as it was down from 582,000 with what seemed to be a better promoted show, but was killed by the night before’s Georges St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy UFC show which did 770,000 buys.

The WWE’s 1,517,000 buys between January and August were a point they reached in May last year and April the year before. The buys are down 25% domestically and are on track for their worst year since 1994-1995 when they only ran 5 PPVs.

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Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter