10 Thoughts on Superstars 10.14.2010 — LayCool, Darren Young, Curt Hawkins

1. The intro for Superstars seems to change weekly. They can’t decide on an image for CM Punk, as that often changes, and now Wade Barrett is added to the mix. Oh well, works for me.

2. Layla has such flair and personality. In-ring work is still sub-par, although I like that she’s big on submissions. She does manage to make Kelly Kelly look a little less ridiculous, but I honestly can’t wait for Beth Phoenix to return, so that Kelly can return to the bench.

3. Natalya has gone from being a valet for the Hart Dynasty, to being a valet for Kelly Kelly. Good job, Vince. Who needs talented women.

4. Curt Hawkins has some nifty new music. This should solidify the split…but I’m not sure if I’m happy about that yet.

5. For the first time, I’m actually seeing a hint of the appeal of Trent Baretta. The communication seems to actually be there and his next move isn’t written on his face. Hawkins must bring it out of him, or Croft holds him back. Either way, he should keep it up!

6. Grisham just compared Trent’s suicide dive to The Undertaker’s during this year’s Mania. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

7. I’m not big on compilation discs put out by the WWE, but I will definitely be picking up the Highest Flyers DVD.

8. Darren Young actually looked ferocious tonight. He needs to be careful when he’s about to execute a move; he has a pretty bad habit of looking around, which makes everything fairly obvious. But he is selling his moves much more realistically and landing some solid offense. They even handed him a win. Atta boy!

9. Melina has strayed very far from her initial standpoint. She was one of the top Divas, but has since fallen behind the curtain. Well, at least she’s the main event on Superstars!

10. If I wanted to watch the horrendous NXThree Divas, I’d go online on Tuesdays. Until then, keep Maxine and AJ somewhere I can’t see them.

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