Michael Giacchino To Score Cars 2, M:I 4, Super 8 & More

Michael Giacchino is quickly becoming one of my favorite film composers. Between his work with J.J. Abrams on Lost and Star Trek and his Pixar work on films such The Incredibles and Up (for which he was an Oscar for Best Original Score), he’s shown he’s able to whip out amazing score on a quick schedule. It was his theme for Cloverfield, though, that won me over completely.

Most recently Giacchino provided a beautifully haunting score for Let Me In that surpassed the original Let The Right One In score in nearly every way. Now, thanks to a Variety profile on the composer, we know we’re in for a long future full of musical cues by the talented Giacchino. Among his upcoming projects include Andrew Stanton’s John Carter of Mars, John Lasseter’s Cars 2, J.J. Abrams’ Super 8, Brad Bird’s Mission: Impossible 4. He’ll also be adapting John Williams’ classic Star Wars themes for the newly revamped Star Tours attraction at Disneyland.

Other projects include Monte Carlo, a new film starring Selena Gomez, and Live With It (formally titled I’m With Cancer) starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

If you are a fan of Giacchino’s work, make sure you check out the Variety profile. It’s a great read where the composer talks about his beginnings and his role as a storyteller. If you’re not already a fan of Giacchino, here are some great snippets from his past work:

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