The People’s Column: Is Wade Barrett WWE’s Brightest Star?

This is a surprise to me as I write it and it may surprise you. This year no one has ran farther with the opportunities they have been given than Wade Barrett. He is currently the man carrying WWE Raw on his back. This is especially surprising because this is his rookie year in the company.

For a wrestler so new on the scene it is unprecedented that he would be given such an opportunity. Let’s look at how he got to where he is.

Barrett was the winner of NXT Season One, but he was not always slated to be. He was thrown into the winning slot after Daniel Bryan’s losing streak didn’t catch on with fans and Bryan was put into a program with Michael Cole. Wade Barrett was the beneficiary of poor writing for Bryan’s character.

Then came the big moment. In what was the most shocking and most important moment in wrestling this year, all of the NXT rookies interfered in a match on a terrible edition of Raw and proceeded to tear the ring and John Cena apart. In the weeks to come, they would be known as The Nexus.

This group terrorized WWE Raw with constant interference in matches and the beat downs continued. It was revealed that the entire group worked under one leader, Wade Barrett. Wade was the mouth piece for the group, often laying out their intentions and demands.

As Summerslam came and went, he was defeated by John Cena at the end of the big seven on seven match. The next night on Raw he showed his true star power by proceeding to beat Chris Jericho clean and cut a scathing promo to get his heat back. A week later he was thrust into his first PPV main event. At Night of Champions Wade Barrett held his own, but was not spectacular.

Now coming off of his first high profile singles match, he will be in the WWE Championship match at Bragging Rights. It says something about a talent when his first PPV singles opponents are John Cena and Randy Orton. It tells all of us that WWE cares about this guy and his push kore than almost any other talent on their roster.

Wade Barrett has been the saving grace of The Nexus angle. When the beat downs became tiring and boring, he picked up a microphone and single-handedly rescued this angle. Wade Barrett has been able to get some of the best heat that I have seen in years with his promos. He has the natural heel mannerisms that any wrestler would kill for. He is able to stand toe to toe with WWE’s top stars and trade with them on the mic.

I say that he is the brightest star in WWE because at this moment he is the most captivating. Wade Barrett has managed to revive the Nexus angle multiple occasions with a simple promo or program. He is the MVP on WWE’s roster right now.

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