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Intensity Reaches Boiling Point and Shoving Match Breaks out at Face-Off



Saturday, October 16 at Silver Spurs Arena

Live on Pay-Per-view

On Saturday, October 16, 2010, All Star Boxing, Inc and Promoter Tuto Zabala, Jr. will return to the city that has hosted many of the company’s boxing shows during the past 10 years that have filled the Kissimmee Civic Center on many occasions. WBO Jr. Featherweight Champion Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr. of Bayamon, Puerto Rico will make the second defense of his title when he meets his toughest opponent so far in Ivan “Choko” Hernandez of Ensenada, Mexico in a bout schedule for 12 rounds with Vazquez WBO Jr. Featherweight Title at stake.

Tickets for Vazquez Jr. vs. Hernandez on October 16, priced at $202, $102, $52 and $27, are available at all Ticketmaster outlets, the Silver Spurs Arena box office and on-line at Ticketmaster.com.

Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr. vs. Ivan “Choko” Hernandez will be broadcast live on-pay-per-view, distributed by Integrated Sports in the US and in Puerto Rico by Pay Per View Connection beginning at 9 PM ET/6PM PT at a suggested retail price of $34.95.

ANTONIO LOZADA (Hernandez Promoter): Good afternoon and thanks foe being here. This is a very important fight for us because when Wilfredo Vazquez Sr won his world title, the WBA Jr. Featherweight title, we had the champion Jorge Perez. We did the fight because Jorge had beaten Wilfredo Sr. in Los Angeles 3 years earlier in a 10-round decision. Vazquez came to train in Mexico City for that fight and he was a tiger. Now after all these years I come to fight his son who is a world champion and we bring the challenger Ivan Hernandez to the fight. He is in great shape and we will have a great fight.

IVAN “CHOKO” HERNANDEZ: Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for letting me do what I like. Thanks to Juan LaPorte and Wilfredo Vazquez and thanks to the people who have faith in me and who have trained me for this fight. I want to thank Tuto Zaballa and my trainer who has been with me my whole career. Thanks you to Wilfredo for the opportunity. I just want you to know that I respect you here, but in the ring, I don’t respect you, NADA. Thank you for letting me work because this is my job.

WILFREDO VAZQUEZ SR: I want to thank my brother (Tuto) for having made my son a world champion. I want to thank you also for having my other son on the card who is a junior flyweight. also have another son that will be world champion also. (Israel Vazquez is not in Kissimmee yet. He has a ‘real job’ in a church in Puerto Rico and will arrive tomorrow). What I want to tell Choko that we respect him here but not over there (in the ring). We are ready for Saturday night. Junior is in great condition. We are taking this fight very seriously and he is going to hit you hard. Remember what happened to Jorge Perez in Mexico City. No one was more prepared than me for that fight. If you come to fight you are going to get hurt. We are going to take the title, once again, back to Puerto Rico. I promise you that Saturday is going to be your last fight. You will never fight again.

WILFREDO VAZQUEZ JR: I came here to talk little today because I have already said what I need to say and I will do my talking in the ring. The only thing I want to say to Choko is that I want to thank you for bringing the confidence that you have with you to Kissimmee. Thank you for not giving me my merit. That has made me more motivated to get into the ring and the only thing I can tell you is that on Saturday night you are going to pay for it.

The following conversation takes place after the fighters are separated at the face-off following a shove from each.

IVAN “CHOKO” HERNANDEZ: I do respect you, until you get into the ring. There I have no respect for you. I always treat you with respect, until Saturday night. I want it to be October 16 now, so I can hit you.

WILFREDO VAZQUEZ JR: I want you to respect me. I am tired of all the (stuff) you are saying. I am a man and you need to respect a man. I am going to hit all of you…everywhere. And after you, I will take care of all the Mexicans that come in my way. I am tired of this. The Mexican fighters are not giving me the respect that I deserve. I am a World Champion for a reason.

WILFREDO VAZQUEZ JR (after calming down): I love fighting in Kissimmee. These are the people that believed in me right from the start. Now I am very motivated, more than before. Mexicans are good boxers and he is a good boxer and I won’t take anything away from him.

MCJOE ARROYO: I am real happy to be able to fight on this card where Wilfredo Vazquez will be making the first defense of his world title. I made my pro debut when Wilfredo fought for the title in Puerto Rico on February 27 and its very exciting to be doing it here again in Kissimmee.

ISRAEL “Filipino” ROJAS: I am here from Mexico and I am in great shape and I am ready to give a great fight.

TONY LaPORTE JR: I would like to thank Tuto Zabal for allowing me to have my pro debut here in Kissimmee, FL. I will bring the… …yes, I am very nervous. Anyway, I am just glad to be on this card with Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr.

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