10 Thoughts on Incredible Hulks #614 by Greg Pak and Barry Kitson (Review)

Incredible Hulks #614

Written by Greg Pak

Art by Barry Kitson

1. The Hulk squad battles with Steve Rogers’ Secret Avengers as they try t be the one to go face Hulk’s incredibly powerful “Dark Son.”

2.  Apparently, Dark Son, Hiro- Kala, is far more powerful than Skaar and is hurtling a planet the size of Mars at Earth.

3. Hulk vs. Secret Avengers is great, with the group looking effective in quickly out-manuevering him, but the Hulk-squad evens it up and we get an absolutely awesome fight out of it.

4. Steve Rogers vs. A-Bomb is particularly fun in that he trained Rick Jones to fight… although Rick really needs a refresher course if this is any indication.

5. Korg and Nova is just done wrong, while Red She=Hulk and Valkyrie is just as badly handled.  Nova just wants to blow Korg away, a far cry from the in-control leader of the cosmic books and a main reason I want him away from most writers, even those as good as Pak.  Valkyr, meanwhile, takes a beating because she forgot Red She-Hulk was strong…some trained warrior.

6. Rogers trump card of a negative zone gun is awesome.

7. Better still, Hulk explains what’s wrong and goes to solve the problem. Usually I’m against this kind of random fight when a conversation will suffice, but Hulks are clearly more inclined to punch first.

8. Where exactly is the second Green She-Hulk during this?  She was just with the group last issue.

9. The Secret Avengers are far more effective here than in their own books, but there is still no real reason any Avengers team couldn’t have filled this role.

10. <B>Rating: 7/10</b> – A mostly good issue as the Hulks go to confront the Dark Son and we learn why other Earth heroes aren’t invited to interfere, a plot hole that’s too often ignored.

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