10 Thoughts on Shadowland #4 of 5 by Andy Diggle and Billy Tan (Review)

Shadowland #4

Written by Andy Diggle

Art by Billy Tan

1. Diggle and Tan have the heroes begin to make their move against Daredevil, fully under control of the Beast now.

2. Elektra’s action scene killing Hand ninjas is absolutely awesome, the best art of the series… and she finally betrays Matt by letting the heroes into Shadowland.

3. Wolverine, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher, Master Izo, Shang-Chi and Spider-Man coming to stop Daredevil is damned foolish.  Three of these guys are Avengers, one on a team with Thor.  If this is really a world level threat, why not bring at least one really big gun?

4. Elektra not just slitting his throat because that won’t work, then everyone expecting Wolverine stabbing DD to kill him is ridiculous.

5. Kingpin, of course, has a plan, that will, of course, be full revealed next issue as the series ends.

6.  Daredevil is trying to resurrect Bullseye to work for him as the heroes bust in and the big fight kicks off.

7. Spider-Man remains the best written character in this series and I’d love a Spider-Man by Diggle.

8. They finally got the inking and coloring under control and the result is some of the best action scenes in a non-Cosmic Marvel book in years.

9. The plotting of this series has been really suspect.  Daredevil is possessed, heroes attack, are turned back, then attack again.  That could work with some kind of plan or something, but now it just feels like we’re waiting for things to happen while the heroes ignore all the resources at their disposal.

10. <b>Rating: 5/10</b> – Really great art for more fight scenes saves this issue from a plot that has taken us right back to issue #1 of the mini.  With one issue only to go, I’m not sure how this can live up to its early promise.

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