First Characters Revealed For Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage

Here are the character bios & screenshots for Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage

Ken (full name Kenshiro) is the main protagonist of Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage, and a master of the assassination art called Hokuto Shinken. Hokuto Shinken allows Ken to defeat his enemies from within by striking their hidden meridian points (the body’s natural pressure spots), often with gory results. Ken’s famous line, “You are already dead…” is a reference to this fighting style – when he strikes his enemy’s meridian points death is certain, and they can only wait for the violent explosion of pain that soon follows.

He is the youngest of four adopted sons, all trained by the Hokuto Shinken successor Ryuken. Eventually Ryuken passes on the title of successor to Ken, when the nuclear holocaust wipes out most of the planet. After surviving the nuclear war, Ken wants nothing more than to live peacefully with his fiancée Yuria. However, one of his adopted “brothers” instigates a fighter named Shin from a rival school to fight and beat Ken. In the ensuing battle Shin beats Ken mercilessly, marking him with seven scars in the shape of the Big Dipper on his chest – a mark which becomes as much a part of his identity as the Hokuto Shinken style. Shin then leaves Ken for dead, taking Yuria with him against her will.

Raoh is the eldest of the four Hokuto brothers. Although he had aspirations to become the greatest martial artist in the world, he loses the title of Hokuto Shinken successor to Ken. Refusing to accept defeat, Raoh kills his master Ryuken in battle and embarks on a twisted quest to take the world by force.

With the help of his childhood friends, Raoh gradually builds his army. He conquers many lands as his own, and takes on the title of Ken-oh (King of Fist). He also takes a giant black stallion named Kokuoh-Go (Black King) as his prized steed. Many warriors attempt to stop Raoh’s rise to power, but even mighty fighters like Rei, Toki and the Nanto Five Chariot Guardians are unable to defeat him. Eventually Raoh meets his match when he fights against Ken, but the battle ends in a stalemate. However, in this fight Raoh experiences a fear unlike any he’s felt before. He then vows to overcome this fear in order to challenge Ken for one final fight.

Rei is the successor of Nanto Suichoken, the most elegant of the Nanto Seiken styles, and represents the Star of Justice. While training, his home village is attacked by the “Man with Seven Scars” who is actually Jagi impersonating his brother Ken. Jagi — posing as Ken — kills Rei’s parents and kidnaps his sister Airi. As Rei searches the land for his sister, he meets the real Ken, along with Mamiya, who rescues Airi. To show his gratitude, Rei accompanies Ken on his journey. Ultimately Rei challenges Raoh to a battle on Ken’s behalf but is defeated.

However, Raoh does not kill Rei right away. He instead strikes a pressure point that will drain the blood from Rei’s body entirely within three days. Rei then spends the final days of his life by challenging and defeating his rival Juda, who at one point in the past had made Mamiya’s life miserable.

Yuria is a descendant of the Rightful Nanto Bloodline and represents the Star of the Compassionate Mother. She is Ken’s fiancée, but is desired by many other men in the story. After Ken’s defeat by Shin, Yuria is taken by Shin in return for Ken’s life. However, she cannot tolerate the horrible acts that Shin commits in her name and attempts suicide by jumping from the roof of his palace at Southern Cross. She is caught from her fall by the Nanto Five Chariot Guardians who are sworn to protect her as the Last Nanto General.

As the Last Nanto General, Yuria orders the Nanto Five Chariot Guardians to attack Raoh. Raoh uses Yuria as bait in the legendary final battle with Ken.

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