Friday Morning Backlash with the TNA Impact and WWE Smackdown Ratings War

Here we go with Boss Widro!

“It’s easy to hate on TNA, and trust me, I do, but for this Friday Morning, I will focus on some positives I saw on Impact last night.

I apologize to our legions of Mango PPV Rewind fans, but I had family obligations as my own brother was married over the weekend. I was not able to enjoy the trainwreck that was Bound for Glory but I was able to catch all of Impact. Can’t watch Reaction though, 2 hours is enough. IT’S ENOUGH.

Oh yeah, positivity.

*After Bound For Glory and Impact, it’s completely clear who is a face and who is a heel. Team Hogan and Fortune are heels, and Dixie Carter and her supporters will be faces. This type of clarity hasn’t been seen in TNA, well, ever.

*I was shockingly impressed with Jeff Hardy as a heel on the mic, and I have half optimism that a strong Jeff Hardy heel run could draw money and interest. He has a real cocky charisma that he never showed as a face on the mic. It will be interesting to see if he tones down his in-ring style to avoid pops for high spots, something AJ Styles could never do.

*One has to wonder if TNA has become self aware of its biggest problems. In particular, Kurt Angle’s promo about Jeff Jarrett burying talent, and Dixie Carter acknowledging that Hogan and Bischoff destroyed WCW. You then have to wonder if they, knowing these things, have learned anything from them.

*All the talent seemed excited and invigorated tonight, cutting some good promos almost across the board. By letting so many guys (and girls) cut promos, it really did show one area TNA can stand out against the homogenized WWE promo style.

*TNA waited until nearly the end of the show to do the big JWoww segemnt. If you’re going to bring her in for ratings, might as well milk it the whole show. It was terrible though. DAMN. That’s all the positivity I have. The show was garbage.

The New Ratings War
TNA went head to head on Monday nights vs Raw for 10 weeks (which I recapped live for the Pulse faithful), and got destroyed.

However, last week TNA Impact got a 1.3 rating, highest in a while. The next day, WWE Smackdown scored a 1.8 rating on its second week on Syfy, up from a 1.7 in week 1.

1.8 vs 1.3 is a close race. TNA might spike another 1.3 or even higher with the interest (morbid or not) surrounding the Night of 1000 Turns at Bound for Glory, and Smackdown has very little juice right now. Imagine after all that’s happened in TNA this year if they are able to beat Smackdown not only once, but on a regular basis. It’s something possible and something for TNA to shoot for.”

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