Pulse Wrestling Report: Smackdown 10.15.2010 — The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Team Smackdown

The opening song should be pumping the viewers up for the show, but Greenday’s lackluster tune feels like it’s sedating me.

Very random shot of Undertaker on the roof. I’m sure it was meant to look menacing, but it fails.

Teddy Long is set to kick off the show…I hope this has nothing to do with Hornswoggle. Do I hear Michael Cole? I was hoping that was temporary. Teddy discusses Bragging Rights and their victory last year. Now what we’ve all been waiting for—the qualifying matches. The first one is set to start and it’s…

Rey Mysterio out first. Followed by, Cody Rhodes. The mirror bit never gets old. His song, on the other hand…

Bell rings, and here we go. Rey lays down the world’s longest reversal before being struck down by Cody. Lots of smiling by Cody before he’s thrown into the ropes, but rolls out before Rey can even think about a 619. We go to…


Come back to Cody in control. Recap of the action during commercial break shows a hell of a kick to Mysterio. Cody locks in another submission hold but Rey grabs the ropes. Cody still holds all the cards at this point. He goes to the top rope, Rey rolls out of the way. Rey to the top rope, seated senton, crossbody, Cody rolls to pin Rey for two. Hurricanrana to the ropes (Striker: “Protect the face! Protect the face!”), 619 connects for the pinfall.

Grade: C+
Was there any doubt Rey would win this? However, it was a great match between these two. Cody has come a long way from being Randy’s minion and he really got a chance to shine in this match, despite the loss.


Come back…and Show is talking to Swoggle. Kaval walks up and pleads his case to be on Team Smackdown. Show doesn’t think Kaval would last five minutes in the ring with him, so Kaval initiates a challenge. If he wins, he’s in. Hmm.

Now we cut to Bearer, who calls for a Buried Alive match.


Big Show enters. I like how he’s the captain of Team Smackdown, when he was the reason Team Raw lost last year. But that’s not important, I guess. Swagger enters, followed by MVP.

Match starts immediately, MVP backing Swagger into a corner and landing some solid offense. He hits Ballin’, and Swagger rolls out, comforted by his eagle. MVP takes out the mascot giving Swagger time to counter. They get back in the ring, Swagger locks in the Ankle Lock, and MVP taps.

Grade: D+
I think Jack will do well on the team, but I’m not looking forward to the eagle and Hornswoggle doing heel-touch jumps on the sideline.

Taker still on the roof…someone needs to talk him down. He has every reason to live!


Alberto del Rio’s elaborate entrance is up first. Followed by…Chris Masters? Hm. I wonder who will win. That means we get some friction-y goodness on Team Smackdown.

Instead of focusing on the match, the announce team and Show decide to discuss Hornswoggle. Chris already has the upper hand, but Alberto gets some shots on the arm. Some reversals, monster scoop slam from Masters, goes for Masterlock…reversed. Alberto’s finisher, and Masters taps.

Grade: D-
Short. Predictable. Half-hearted.

Alberto walks over to Show to shake his hand, but winks instead and saunters off.

Knuckleheads plug, showing Edge backstage and…


Edge walks out. Fancy rock n’ roll style jacket with a beanie…classy. Followed by Dolph Ziggler. This is kind of sad, as Ziggles doesn’t have a shot. Way to put over your champion.

Here we go. Edge in control early. We see Vickie and Kaitlyn backstage watching the match up…and Kaitlyn looks splendid. Dolph starts building momentum, locking in a submission hold. Dolph tossed out, baseball slide from Edge, and the fight continues outside the ring. They make their way back in, only for Dolph to land a few kicks. Ziggler to the top rope, kicked off by Edge. Dolph lands a Zig-Zag to Edge right into the steel steps! Dolph rolls in and the ref counts…8…9…back in!


Come back, Dolph in control, Edge building momentum. He gets closer and closer to a pinfall with each spot. Dolph locks in the Sleeper, but it doesn’t last long. DDT from Edge, for a two-count. Zig-Zag attempt, Edge grabs the rope, Spear position, misses. Ziggler to the top rope, Speared mid-air for the win.

Grade: B
Stunning display of athleticism, these two were a match made in heaven. They hit almost every element of what a match should be, and looked great doing it. And who doesn’t love that finish?

So we have Show, del Rio, Swagger, Mysterio, and now Edge. Not too shabby.

Taker still on the damn roof. All these Phenom-centric segments are getting a little excessive. We get it. He’s dark. He’s brooding. He wants revenge. Move on.


Come back just in time for the Raw Rebound. We get to see how the captain of Raw’s melting pot of a team came to be.

Time for Kaval’s match. Five minutes on the clock, and here we go. Couple big hands from Show, and Kaval is getting squashed already. Big body slam. Two and a half minutes left, still getting beaten. I think Kaval has yet to land any offense. One minute left, tosses Kaval out of the ring…back in and finally he’s landing some kicks. Gaining momentum…and the time runs out. He is officially a member of Team Smackdown!

Grade: C
As bad as it looked that Show nearly handed him the win, I can see where they were going with it. Kaval came off looking great not only for lasting, but for that fighting spirit. Regardless of his abysmal record through Smackdown, he’s incredibly watchable and I’m ecstatic to see what he can do at the PPV.


Come back to Kaval still in the ring, and out comes…is that Tyler Reks? He threatens Kaval, and out comes Teddy. He tries to say that Kaval already earned his spot, but Kaval wants to defend it and the match begins. Reks already down, Kaval misses from the top rope. Tyler in control, and wins.

Grade: N/A
Really? Like, really?

Another commercial.

Dashing Grooming Tips. This time, fingernails. I don’t mind these segments, but they’re not doing much for the rumors…

Drew is now in the ring, and he’ll face…Kofi Kingston. Should be interesting, these two do well together.

Here we go. Big boot to Kofi’s face after a bit of back and forth. After some fight, Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise for three.

Grade: D
These two have the potential to put on a great match, I wish it wasn’t so short.

Smackdown’s team looks way better than Raw’s team right now.

Long shadow, panning over to the Undertaker as we go to…


Kane’s music starts up, as he is accompanied by Bearer. He claims to be superior to everyone, and recaps all of Undertaker’s failures. He continues on with the Buried Alive concept, and the fans await the Phenom’s appearance as they chant his name. Bells chime, pyro starts up, and out walks the Undertaker. They’re face to face in the ring. Kane and Bearer begin to back up, but Taker strikes, drilling Kane and forcing him to retreat. The two men stare each other down before Taker hits his signature pose, and the credits roll.

Team Smackdown: Big Show, Jack Swagger, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Tyler Reks, Alberto del Rio, Edge

Final Grade: C+
I like that they were all business tonight. There were some great matches. But they need to stop focusing so much on the Kane/Taker feud. I’d like to see the other members of the Blue Crew given more time and solid storylines.

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