So You Think You Can Dance Canada LIVE Results: Total Shocker As Final Four Revealed

What’s wrong with Canada?

I don’t get it. I was prepared to offer a detailed description of everything that happened behind-the-scenes at Thursday’s final results show before the finale but for the first time, I simply don’t know what to say.

Before I go on my rant, let’s just get the basics out of the way. The show opened with a huge shocker. Host Leah Miller said that four competitors would be leaving the show to leave room for a finale featuring only half of the competitors still left. The two girls and two guys with the lowest number of votes would have to leave prior to the last episode.

It was at this point that I knew we would be losing some of the most talented dancers in the competition.

My hope was that Jeff, Danielle and Nathalie would make it with the final spot probably going to Denys. Unlike everyone else, I never bought into the Mackenzie hype.

Anyone who has followed my coverage of So You Think You Can Dance Canada this season, knows that I have been singing the praises of Nathalie from the beginning and I often referred to her as being the best dancer in the competition.

That’s why when Leah came out and said that Danielle and Nathalie would be leaving, I just didn’t understand why the votes went the way that they did.

The audience was as shocked as I was and that only continued when Leah announced that Mackenzie would be joining Sebastian on the sidelines as Jeff and Denys would be dancing in the finale.

So now let’s analyze. Why did this happen? And why isn’t Nathalie in the finale?

Do the eliminated contestants share anything in common?

The obvious point is that Nathalie and Danielle are both from British Columbia and maybe they split their votes? Janick is the only contestant from New Brunswick and as Rex Goudie proved, the East votes and votes hard.

While I predicted Mackenzie’s exit, this is the one that I think surprised the most people and after thinking about it since the show wrapped several hours ago… I believe that Mackenzie suffered from the presumption of safety. Namely, that everyone just assumed he would be sailing to the finale and without expecting a double-elimination, never thought that he would be in danger.

The bottom line is that the word that I would use to describe this season’s Final Four is surprising. While I expected Nico, Natalli, Miles and Allie in Season 1 and Tara-Jean, Vincent, Jayme Rae and Everett last year… this season I was completed stunned and that makes predicting the winner completely impossible.

I mean seriously… how is Nathalie not in this finale?

Before I leave you, stay tuned for a hilarious So You Think You Can Dance exclusive feature that I have coming up this weekend. Trust me. It redefines hilarity.