10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 10.15.2010 – Mixing old with new, a not so shocking return and Hornswoggle.

1.Smackdown opened the show with The Undertaker stood on top of the arena – yes, I will admit I thought it looked pretty cool and it did send a shudder down my spine but for the love of God I why the hell was he was up there?

Michael Cole (again, why must he be on Smackdown?!) claimed it was so he could spot Kane coming into the building, but it’s not like Kane will be landing in a helicopter on the roof. ‘Taker should have just stood at the backstage doors waiting for his brother nice and patiently – that way there was also less of a chance of him falling to his death.

2. The ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes/Rey Mysterio was new, fresh and exciting. Unlike the RAW qualifying matches I had no idea who would come out triumphant in the end. On RAW I knew immediately that Morrison would take the win over Tyson and R-Truth would win the spot on Team RAW when he went up against Ted DiBiase Jr.

But in this match I thought that both of the competitors could easily take the win and become part of Team Smackdown. Cody is one half of the tag team champions and Rey had just come off from a massive win last week so they both had lots of momentum going for them. The quick back and forth action throughout the match was excellent and I hope to see more from these two together in the future.

3. Why the hell is Hornswoggle dressing up as a Viking woman nowadays?

4. Next up was Jack Swagger/MVP in a short but not so sweet match. Both of them individually are good wrestlers but then when they come together they don’t seem to mesh very well. Even though they have had a couple of mini feuds before perhaps they can start up a longer one and help each other improve as I know that one day that could put on one hell of a match together.

5. Chris Masters appears on Smackdown less times then Halley’s Comet appears in the sky. However, he has always been a favourite of mine so on those ultra rare occasions that he does get a match on SD I get a bit overly excited and always root for him to win. But this week in a qualifying match against Alberto Del Rio, we all knew exactly what and how everything was going to happen.

This left me slightly disappointed as I believe Smackdown does put on the better wrestling matches and most of the time you never know who will win (unlike RAW) but this just brought it down to the same level – I want to be excited going into a match not disgruntled.

6. The Dolph Ziggler/Edge match was surprisingly great. Both competitors have seemed to turn a little stale recently and to be honest I wasn’t really expecting much of the pairing. But they definitely brought it out of the bag during the match with great back and forth, heart stopping action plus the mid-air spear finisher was siiiccccckk.

7. The two best matches on tonight’s edition of Smackdown (Cody/Rey & Dolph/Edge) came from pairing up one of the up-and-coming young superstars against one of the WWE veterans. Perhaps WWE should start working feuds like this rather then pairing two youngsters together as it seems as though it will help them learn, improve and the match quality is a vast improvement from the norm.

8. Tyler Reks – please f*** off.

9. The Kofi/Drew match was yet another disgustingly short match which could have been easily lengthened if we didn’t get made to watch a RAW Rebound. Although I am disappointed that Drew lost to Kofi, I knew it was bound to happen as, well, it’s Kofi Kingtston – it wouldn’t makes sense to have a Team Smackdown without him.

Plus now that Cody and Drew are not on the team it leaves them open to have a Tag Team Championship match against eeeeerrrrmmm, actually there is no feasible tag team for Dashingly Sinister to go against *sigh.*

10. Best match: Dolph Ziggler/Edge.
Worst Match: Jack Swagger/MVP.
Best Segment: ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes’ Grooming Tips – I’m fanatical about nice clean nails so I’m glad he is spreading the message to the masses.

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