10 Thoughts on Thor Mighty Avenger #5 by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee (Review)

1. Langridge and Samnee have Thor take Jane Foster on a tour of the world’s wonders after our titular character is haunted by a visit from his devious half-brother, Loki.  This light-hearted look at Thor’s early years on Midgard is one of the best books Marvel puts out.

2. Loki here appears to not yet be Thor’s enemy, as they are still close.  Loki offers his brother a way back to Asgard, since he’s been banished by Odin to learn humility, but Thor appears unsure of taking it, both to avoid upsetting his father and to spend more time with his love interest, Jane Foster.

3. Jane and Thor’s relationship remains endearing with even this month’s guest star, Namor, noting it and being, apparently, quite fond of the young couple.

4.  This is a different Namor- while he’s imperious and bossy here, he’s also endearingly human and seems to take a fatherly, or at least big-brotherly role to the slightly lost Thor.

5.  Thor here again then shows his lack of humility, being insulted that any would dare advise or correct him.  His actions show his growth and learning, even this early into the run, but he’s still far from being willing to admit that, although it doesn’t make him any less likable.

6. The art in this may appear cartoony and simple, but the simple lines hold a ton of emotion and are absolutely perfect for the story.

7.  Thor and Namor vs. Sea Monsters is great fun, especially with how bemused and frustrated Namor is with Thor’s headstrong way of handling himself.

8. I hate that you, yes, you dear reader, are ignoring this book.  It will be a book like MI-13 or Sword where everyone realizes just how good it is years after it’s done and then bemoans its loss. Well, don’t let it suffer that fate!  Get this book now!  The only thing that may save it is Marvel wanting another Thor book for when the movie comes out, but don’t count on it, get it!

9. Next issue, jump on with it. It’s all mostly self-contained stories and has Fing Fang Foom vs. Thor on the Rainbow Bridge.  If that isn’t intriguing, I don’t know you.

10. Rating: 10/10 – This comic with more promotion is exactly what comics needs more of right now.  It’s fun, expressive, creative and entertaining.  What more do you need?

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