Grindhouse – Blu-ray Review

Sadly, though not really surprising, Grindhouse did not do particularly well theatrically, despite the fact that it was two films for the price of one, each by acclaimed directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Fans of the film were annoyed when both films were released separately on home video and with out most of the fake trailers included in the theatrical release. Now fans can finally rejoice as Planet Terror and Death Proof have been brought back together the way they were meant to be seen, with all trailers intact and in glorious Blu-Ray to boot!

In Planet Terror Rodriguez gives us the gore soaked story of a group of survivors dealing with a swarm of infected zombie-like people. Amongst a really great cast we get Rose McGowan with a machine gun for a leg, and that’s always a fun thing. This is a fantastic over-the-top horror film that succeeds on every level it’s meant to.

In Death Proof Tarantino gives us his homage to the ’70s car chase movie with all the Tarantino dialog he can throw in-between. This probably isn’t a film for everyone, but I love it and it gets more entertaining every time I see it. Kurt Russell is the best he’s been in years as Stuntman Mike and Zoë Bell really struts her stunt chops riding on the hood of the car through most of this film’s amazing chase sequence.

But let’s talk about what really makes this release so great: The fake trailers. Rodriguez, Edgar Wright, Eli Roth and Rob Zombie deliver four fantastic trailers. Machete (which has already been flushed out into a feature film), Don’t, Thanksgiving and Werewolf Women of The SS. These are all hilarious and entertaining trailers and add to the overall viewing experience here.

Alone, each of these films and trailers are good, but as a whole, Grindhouse is a fantastic collection of talent and a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Grindhouse is presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. These films looked great before and look even better now. This is a fantastic transfer of both films and all the trailers.

You get all the same special features from the DVD release as well as these all-new special features for the Blu-Ray:

10 Minute Cooking School: (9 min.) As promised in the Planet Terror 10 Minute Film School, Robert brings us his recipe for Texas BBQ! This looks damn good! He should open a restaurant!

The Makeup Effects of Planet Terror: (12 min.) For 12 minutes they really cover a lot of aspects of the makeup. This is a fantastic behind the scenes that really shows how they did all the practical gore effects in the film.

The Hot Rods Of Death Proof: (12 min.) Tarantino is funny when he’s allowed to just ramble on because he comes off sounding like the film school student that he and he also comes off sounding like he’s totally full of himself. Regardless, he still makes great films. About 8 minutes into this Tarantino finally gets around to talking about the cars in the film.

The Production Design of Death Proof: (8 min.) What? Tarantino used his own movie posters for the backgrounds? No!

Extended Werewolf Women of the SS Trailer: (5 min.) This is pretty good, but I think I like the shortened version better. Though it does give you a better glimpse of the movie.

Werewolf Commentary by Rob Zombie: (5 min.) Zombie drops some interesting tidbits in this short commentary.

The Making Of Werewolf: (8 min.) Best part of this making of? Interviews with Udo Kier.

Extended Don’t Trailer: (1:30 min.) This trailer is always great and now you get more of it.

Don’t Commentary with Edgar Wright: Wright talks quickly but makes his point.

Don’t Storyboard/trailer Comparison: (1:40 min.) Watch this with or without Edgar Wright Commentary. It’s better to watch this with commentary.

The Making of Don’t: (10 min.) Great making of. Gives you more time with this fun trailer and great cast.

Storyboards still gallery and poster for Don’t

The Making of Thanksgiving: (6 min.) Another great making of. Everyone on this set was having a great time.

Thanksgiving Commentary with Eli Roth and Jeff Rendell: Leave it to Eli Roth to ask the important questions like “When is the Thanksgiving themed horror film coming?” Well, he made it happen and explains why in this entertaining commentary.

BD Live Extras: As of now these are all “coming soon” but one of these extras promises to be a Death Proof gag reel! So I know I’ll be checking back periodically.

I don’t really know what else I can say about Grindhouse. It was fantastic to see it again as a whole for the first time since it was in theaters in 2007. This really is the way it was meant to be seen and with all the added extras it is an absolute must own for fans!

Dimension films presents Grindhouse. Directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Starring: Kurt Russell, Rose McGowan, Rosario Dawson, Zoë Bell, Freddy Rodriguez, Josh Brolin and Bruce Willis. Running time: 191 minutes. Rated R for strong graphic bloody violence and gore, pervasive language, some sexuality, nudity and drug use. Originally released in theatres in 2007. Released on Blu-ray: October 5, 2010.

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