Marvel Cancels Young Allies With #6

It’s been announced that Young Allies, which saw it’s fifth issue released not even two weeks ago, will be ending with next months issue number six. This is despite the fact that Marvel has already solicited the seventh issue of the series.

Written by SEAN McKEEVER
Guest-Starring Super-Soldier Steve Rogers!
They were friends. Soldiers. Brothers. Now they’re enemies. Toro’s past has finally caught up with him in the form of EL DRAGÓN. And nothing–not even the Young Allies–will stand in his way!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

This is a shame in this bloggers humble opinion. Young Allies has been a fun title, the kind of teenage super team book that books like Teen Titans should strive for. Unfortunately, the book just didn’t catch on and is going the way of other quickly canceled Marvel titles of the past few years.

Gone before its time and survived by the McKeever written Nomad backup stories in Captain America as well as the new Arana Spider-Girl (grumble grumble) ongoing series by Paul Tobin, Young Allies doesn’t leave a tremendous legacy, but is worth reading in trade when it gets released there.

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Source: Bleeding Cool