One Year in Knoxville: September 19, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. As always, he was joined by Dutch Mantell. Caudle told us that today we’d be seeing the Stud Stable, Brian Lee, and we’d get an update on the feud between Paul Orndorff and Ronnie Garvin. The main events today would see the Dirty White Boy face Tim Horner in a non-title match and the Heavenly Bodies would defend the tag belts against the Rock n Roll Express.

Dutch advised that today Jim Cornette and Killer Kyle would be on Down and Dirty to discuss their plan to collect the bounty on Brian Lee.

From there we went to the ring where Rick Newson and Ben Jordan were waiting. They didn’t wait long as the Stud Stable made their way to the ring.

The Stable entered the ring and jumped their opponents immediately. Fuller pitched Newsom out of the ring and Golden went after Jordan, ramming his head into the turnbuckle. Fuller tagged in and hit a knee lift before whipping Jordan into a big boot. Fuller stomped Jordan in the lower abdomen and sent Jordan into Golden’s boot.

Golden came back in and started punching away. Golden sent Jordan back into the turnbuckle and Newsom tagged in.

Newsom started punching Golden and whipped him into the corner but charged into a boot from Golden. Golden clubbed Newsom down and tagged Fuller.

Fuller kicked Newsom in the ribs and hit a double arm suplex. Fuller picked Newsom up and hit another knee lift. Fuller stomped Newsom and headed toward Golden.

Golden wrapped Newsom’s arm around the ring post and then pulled his shoulder into it while Fuller and the protesting Jordan distracted referee Mark Curtis. Fuller slammed Newsom and locked in a hammerlock. Fuller shoved Curtis away and drew the DQ. Jordan hit the ring and Golden cut him off then pitched him out of the ring. The Stable hit a double suplex on Newsom and Golden retrieved the stretcher. Fuller placed him on the stretcher and the Stable dumped him in the aisle.

We then headed to Caudle, who had the Stable with him. Golden said that the Express would be riding the stretcher out of the arena. Fuller added that they didn’t care about winning or losing – they wanted to hurt somebody. Fuller reiterated that the Express would be stretchered out as we headed to commercial.

We came back from commercial to find Caudle introducing a video covering an Orndorff/Garvin match from Kingsport, TN.

We joined a match between the two already in progress. Garvin was waving a towel to the fans as the announcers put over the importance the towel had to Garvin.

Orndorff jumped Garvin from behind and started stomping away. Orndorff took the towel and tore it, then tied it into a knot. Orndorff wrapped the towel around Garvin’s neck and tied it to the top rope. With Garvin secured, Orndorff started throwing punches and kicks to dismantle Garvin. Orndorff then raked Garvin’s eyes and started punching away again as the referees tried to back him off. Orndorff choked Garvin and threw sweat at him before posing for the crowd.

Danny Davis came to ringside and used a pocket knife to cut Garvin free. Orndorff stomped Garvin and we headed to an interview.

Garvin showed off his towel and said that this was his ring jacket – something he could give to the fans every night. Garvin promised that he would take something from Orndorff that would hurt just as badly.

We then returned to commentary, where Orndorff joined Caudle. Orndorff again said that he was not involved in the Brian Lee bounty, but he would be willing to collect it. Orndorff revealed that he’d face Lee next week, and would collect.

Orndorff then said he was sick of Ronnie Garvin and he promised to show everyone how he’d stuck Garvin’s towel down his throat.

After a commercial, we had interviews from DWB and Horner. Horner was first and said that he didn’t have anything to prove to DWB, but he would prove to the people that he was a contender.

We then went to Ron Wright and the DWB. Wright accused Horner of forcing the promoters to give them a match. Wright said that Horner wasn’t good enough for a match and he’d never beat the DWB.

Tim Horner made his way down to the ring as the fans cheered. DWB soon followed, pushing Ron Wright in front of him.

The bell rang and the two circled each other before locking up. They traded arm wringers and Horner took the champion down.

The two locked up again and DWB backed Horner into the corner and began punching away. Horner reversed a whip and hip tossed DWB down when he came out. Horner followed with a drop kick that sent DWB scrambling for the outside.

DWB had a quick conference with Ron Wright and returned to the ring. The two locked up and DWB traded waist locks with Horner. DWB took Horner down and Horner got right back up again.

Another lockup saw Horner get a headlock. DWB whipped free and Horner rolled over a backdrop attempt before dropkicking DWB down again. Horner took DWB down again and locked in a headlock.

DWB fought back to his feet and backed Horner up into the ropes again. DWB started punching Horner in the gut. Horner reversed a whip and DWB dodged the charge. Horner put on the brakes and punched DWB down. DWB scrambled for another word with Wright.

DWB returned to the ring again and the two locked up again. Horner got a headlock and DWB whipped free of it. DWB caught Horner coming in and slammed him down. DWB stomped Horner and dropped a knee on him. DWB rolled Horner onto his back and stood on him, then dropped another knee. DWB picked up Horner and kicked him in the midsection before hitting a bulldog.

DWB picked up Horner and hit an elbow, then whipped him. Horner blocked a hiptoss and rolled up DWB in a small package for the win and a title shot. On the outside, Wright fell out of his wheelchair and rolled on the floor. DWB quickly left the ring to help his manager.

We came back from commercial to join Down and Dirty, where Dutch had Jim Cornette and Killer Kyle as his guests. Cornette was holding one of the bounty posters. Dutch asked if Cornette knew anything that was going on with the bounty. Cornette said that he knew that Kyle was going to collect the bounty. Cornette accused Bob Armstrong of trying to steal the tag belts from the Bodies again before telling Brian Lee that Kyle was in his future. Cornette then turned to the Rock n Roll Express as he promised that once the Express lost their title match, they’d never get another one.

We came back from commercial to hear Bob Caudle explaining about the new Dream Match contest. Fans would send in a postcard with their dream match, and each week in November one of the matches would be chosen and held. The weekly winners would receive an all expenses paid trip to Thanksgiving Thunder, along with ringside tickets.

Caudle was then joined by Bob Armstrong to discuss the bounty. Armstrong announced that there was extra security to ensure Brian Lee’s safety. He mentioned that the stalker had been arrested and was out within three hours. Armstrong headed out to guard the back door personally.

We then headed to the ring where Mike Sampson was waiting. Brian Lee soon made his way down the aisle as well.

Sampson attacked from behind and started pounding away. Lee was whipped and dropkicked Sampson down, then followed up with a slam. Lee whipped Sampson and hit a big boot, then the Cancellation. Lee covered and got the win.

The stalker then charged the ring and attacked Lee. The stalker hit a clothesline and slammed Lee down. The stalker dropped elbows as Nick Steffey hit the ring and the stalker clothesling him. The stalker then intercepted Ben Jordan and put him down. A clothesline put Ross Eagle down as well before returning his attention to Brian Lee as Mark Curtis tried to break things up. Tim Horner, Danny Davis, and Dixie Dynomite hit the ring to run the stalker out as Bob Armstrong ran out to check on Lee.

We came back from commercial to see the Heavenly Bodies make their way to the ring. It didn’t take long for the Rock n Roll Express to make their way out as well.

Robert Gibson and Stan Lane started off. The two circled and Gibson kicked at Tom Prichard. The two locked up and rolled around the ring. Gibson kicked Lane down and Lane started firing back. Lane caught Gibson with a back kick and a second one put him down.

Gibson reversed a whip and Lane caught his leg when he went for a kick. Gibson responded with an enziguiri that put Lane down. Gibson picked up Lane and tagged Morton. The two hit double hiptosses on both Bodies and then drove them out of the ring for a conference with Cornette.

Prichard entered the ring against Morton. Prichard jawed with Morton and the fans a moment and then locked up. Prichard hit a knee into Morton’s gut and punched him down. Morton let Prichard run the ropes before flipping him down. Morton then armdragged both Bodies down. Lane fell out as the Express started taking turns punching Prichard.

Morton got an arm wringer and tagged Gibson. The Express whipped Prichard and hit a double back elbow for a one.

Gibson reversed a whip and got an armbar. Gibson goaded Lane in and the Express made a quick change as Morton went to the armbar. Lane came in to complain and the Express traded again.

Morton tagged in and held Prichard for a quick punch, then hiptossed Prichard down. Gibson tagged in and stomped Prichard’s arm, then got an arm wringer. Morton came in and went for an arm wringer of his own.

Prichard whipped Morton and Lane grabbed at his hair. As Morton jawed with Lane, Prichard kicked him out of the ring. Gibson came in and Lane and Cornette attacked Morton on the outside. Lane sent Morton into the post and Gibson left the corner to check on his partner.

Morton returned to the ring and Prichard punched him down. Prichard gave Gibson a shot to prevent a tag and the Bodies traded.

Lane hit a double palm thrust that put Morton down and whipped him. Morton had a cover until Prichard broke it up and the Bodies switched again. Prichard hit a suplex and dropped an elbow.

Lane tagged in and Morton took both Bodies down before bringing Gibson in to clean house. Killer Kyle tripped Gibson and Prichard took him down for a two.

Lane tagged in and punched Gibson as Mark Curtis sent Kyle to the back. Lane hit a clothesline to take Gibson down for a two as Caudle and Mantell let everyone know that the Stud Stable had entered the arena to watch the match.

Lane whipped Gibson and Gibson dodged a clothesline before hitting a cross body block. That brought Prichard and Morton in and the Express soon ran the Bodies out of the ring as Jimmy Golden made his way to ringside. Cornette hopped up on the apron and Morton punched him down.

The Stud Stable pulled down the rope to get Gibson to fall out of the ring. They threw him back in and Prichard pinned him to retain the belts as Lane held Morton back.

We came back from commercial to find Caudle with Armstrong again. Armstrong announced that he was fining the Stud Stable five hundred dollars each for their actions, and then said that the Express would get another title shot soon.

That brought Cornette in to complain about Morton punching him and said he wanted Morton suspended. He added that the Express would not get a second chance.

Armstrong said that Cornette’s actions of getting on the apron ensured that they would get another chance. He also advised that the Fantastics had two more title shots as well.

Cornette again refused to give the Express a title shot. Caudle announced that Paul Orndorff would try and collect the bounty on Brian Lee in next week’s main event before saying goodbye for another week.

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