The People’s Column: Sunday’s Random WWE and TNA Thoughts

This has been an exciting week in wrestling. Perhaps the most exciting part is that there is not a PPV today. Thanks for the free time WWE and TNA.

– The Miz beating John Cena on Raw, although a little too late considering his feud with him in 2009, is a bit deal in his career.

– Being the captain of Team Raw at Bragging Rights and in charge of talents such as CM Punk and Sheamus is an even bigger deal for The Miz.

– CM Punk on Raw is an exciting prospect to me. His “Nothing personal” statements on Raw as he beat Evan Bourne were intriguing. Hopefully this builds up to a big push for Punk.

– Evan Bourne’s injury is a huge bummer to me. He is one of the best young wrestlers in WWE. With any luck, he’ll be back in the ring before too long.

– Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan part two on Raw was the under ten minute match of the year to me. The aggression shown by both men was something that WWE has not seen in a long time. I think that this is the best use of the PG style in WWE.

– NXT is so bad. It’s actually depressing.

– Michael Cole is at the risk of being overexposed now that he is on three brands. I understand that Todd Grisham is bad, but WWE really does not have many viable play by play guys.

– I know that the previous comment will get people talking about Jim Ross. Remember that Ross does not want to travel to any TV show on a weekly basis.

– Undertaker and Kane are facing each other again, this time in a Buried Alive match. These matches have never done much for me and I can’t say that I’ve missed them since the last one in 2003 (Undertaker vs Mr McMahon). This has to be the last match in this feud.

– Will WWE actually put the World Heavyweight Championship on The Undertaker even though he is very banged up? I don’t want to have to see another string of PPVs with ten minute championship matches like last year.

– Undertaker is one of the greatest of all time and I would actually rather see him sit out and heal completely. Undertaker is amazing in the ring when he is healthy.

– Is there a place for Kane after this feud concludes? He has hinted at retirement before and is getting up there in years. WWE will be missing a big part of the roster if he does leave.

– Tyler Reks is back? He looked impressive in his few seconds of action on Smackdown. Could he actually be the x-factor on Smackdown’s Bragging Rights team?

– Who will be the seventh man on Team Raw? Mark Henry may not be available to fill the slot. Would Zach Ryder be a little too midcarderish for his team?

– Then again, Santino is on the team.

– Wade Barrett will hopefully continue to look great this week. If he can motivate people to buy Bragging Rights, he will be an established main eventer.

– Speaking of PPV buying motivation, what is wrong with WWE? This will probably be a blog topic this week.

– WWE may have PPV buying issues, but TNA sells a terrible amount of PPVs for the size of their Impact viewing audience.

– Will Sting’s walkout this week be his final goodbye?He is continuously having the worst years of his career as he keeps tacking time on.

– Sting has barely been treated like a legend by TNA. He can still be a money draw, but not wi how they have used him in the last couple years.

– Is Hulk Hogan planning on growing the black stubble with the white mustache?

– Will Eric Bischoff go with the really bad black hair dye?

– Will Dixie Carter actually swerve all of us and join “Immortal”?

– How bad of a faction name is Immortal?

– TNA is doing something really dangerous in splitting their roster with this feud. The endgame of a roster-splitting feud is never there. This was the problem with the nWo and every feud like this since then.

– Would it have killed TNA to make Kurt Angle’s speech on Impact a big deal? We have seen the big ratings that retirement ceremonies can do. Why not have Angle give his speech in the main event?

– Rob Van Dam is in a tough role as the lead babyface. He has never struck me as a number one guy, but I’m willing to let it play out.

– I’m not willing to let TNA bury the Motor City Machine Guns with Team 3D turning on each other after beating them down. Team 3D is an irrelevant tag team. They need to retire, not go singles, which is the plan.

That’s all I have for this week. Feel free to comment and reflect on these thoughts.

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