WWE Superstars Report 10.14.2010: Laycool, Kelly Kelly, Melina, Alicia Fox, Curt Hawkins

WWE Superstars Report 10.14.10

Sorry this is kinda late, totally forgot to post it. I’ If you like Divas matches, you’ll love this weeks superstars.

1. Kelly Kelly vs Layla
– Layla and Kelly are accompanied by Michelle Mccool and Natayla respectfully. Kelly yells throughout the match while Layla taunts Natalya by stroking her invisible beard and even trying to do the Sharpshooter. Natayla trips up Layla and Kelly rolls her up for the win.
Winner: Kelly Kelly

2. Curt Hawkins vs Trent Barreta
– Battle of the former roomates and friends. Before the break, Hawkins trips up Trent and Trent violently hits the mat head first. After the break, Trent makes a comeback and even hits the undertaker dive over the top rope onto Curt. Trent does the Shelton Benjamin leap onto the top rope but Curt knocks him off. Curt then hits the Heat Seaking elbow and wins the match.
Winner: Curt Hawkins

3. Primo vs Darren Young
– Looks like Michael Cole is back on Superstars. Darren has his hair down with Gel but it doesn’t last long before it goes back up. Michael Cole suggests Darren take tips from Cody Rhodes. Not a very good match as Primo controls most of it until Darren is able to hit a face plant for the win.
Winner: Darren Young

WWE Troops Video is shown

Raw Rebound

4. Melina vs Alicia Fox
– Alicia has Maxine with her and she interferes by trying to distract Melina and it works. Pretty sloppy match with a lot of awkward action. Both girls miss a finisher but Melina is able to hit a roll up that had to hurt for the win. I can’t explain it but it was impressive. Kinda like the matrix move but a roll up.
Winner: Melina

Final Thoughts: Well if you are a fan of Diva action, this is the show for you. Hawkins/Trent was pretty good but the rest of the matches were just there. I’ll be back Wednesday Night for another FCW houseshow report. The main event is supposed to be a Texas Bullrope match.

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