10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 10.18.2010 feat. Orton and Cena vs Harris and McGuilicutty

Welcome once again to my 10 Thoughts on Raw. To read more thoughts from me, including ways to actually make the Bragging Rights concept work, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com. Now on with the thoughts!

1. Teddy Long may be a fun act for live crowds, but I am so tired of seeing him on TV. His act is just so stale.

2. This opening segment was terrible. Where was R-Truth? Was he replaced? Why is this the only time of the year that we hear about the Raw vs Smackdown rivalry? Why does the “Bragging Rights” trophy look terrible? For ways to actually make the Bragging Rights concept work check out itswilltime.wordpress.com.

3. Is it bad that I forgot about the Hart Dynasty breakup during this match until the final few seconds? I’m not looking forward to David Hart Smith as a singles act. He just lacks the charisma even the lowest guy on the card needs.

4. I don’t know if throwing water on John Cena was necessary. It was funny, but not necessary. Wade Barrett is such a great villain.

5. Husky Harris is so great in the ring and crazy agile fora wrestler his size. I want to see more of him on Raw.

6. On year ago John Cena and Randy Orton had an Iron Man Match that included Orton trying to blow Cena up. Now John Cena is distraught about almost having to give the Attitude Adjustment to Orton. Pansy. (Just having some fun kids, don’t yell at me.)

7. Not a bad promo from Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. Their champion vs champion match at Bragging Rights could steal the show. Daniel Bryan’s dancing will not steal the show and it needs to end now.

8. So “Stand Up for WWE” is also stand up for PG. Although I actually like the PG approach, I know a lot of fans don’t. This will not motivate a large portion of the audience because they think WWE needs to return to the attitude era (as wrong as that thought is).

9. Hornswoggle on commentary made me remember that there was a football game on. Sadly then I saw how bad the game was and just decided to turn the volume down.

10. Smackdown won the Battle Royal and no one actually cares. Too little too late on this show.

Wow. That was not a good Raw ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully Smackdown, which Raw talent will be on, will be a better show. Bragging Rights is going to bomb with PPV buyers at this point. Make sure to check out itswilltime.wordpress.com for a fun blog on how to make the Bragging Rights concept actually work.

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