Former WWE Star Chris Jericho states “I’m not like the Rock”

Chris Jericho did an interview with the UK Son where he said the following;

“The Rock is a great guy, he’s a great actor, he was great wrestler — one of my favourites — but I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to come back to the show once in a while.”

“I never want to hide my wrestling background. I’m very proud of it, and if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be where I am today doing all these other great things.

“Whatever I do, I’ll always do it with the utmost respect for WWE and always be the ultimate company man when it comes to promoting the business.

“In Hollywood there really is a stigma against wrestling. I think that’s why people think wrestlers are Neanderthals who can’t string two words together.

“You have to almost eliminate that part of your persona when you are trying to make it out there. For some reason people just don’t get it.

“Luckily in music, it’s not so much of a stigma. People say ‘You wrestle? Oh, I love wrestling’.

“And that’s also why hosting the game TV show Downfall recently was so huge for me. Now I’m not the wrestling guy, I’m the Downfall guy. It gave me a leg up for other, future gigs.

“When you’re just ‘the wrestling guy’ you get passed over because you made the mistake of making it in that business.”

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