Grant Morrison: Doctor Hurt’s identity tied to Batman / Bruce Wayne’s…. twin brother?

Interesting development during a Grant Morrison interview with our friends at CBR.

(CBR:) Well, a lot of theories have come out online over the past few months, and a lot of them have dug into their own “Batman” collections for ideas. Some folks have pointed to this character of Thomas Wayne. Have you seen anybody who’s gotten it right in terms of what we’re going to learn about Doctor Hurt?

(Grant Morrison:) Oh yeah! Of course people have got it right because these are smart people who have been studying all their old “Batman” comics. The mystery of who he is isn’t really a mystery. I’ve given it away several times in “The Return of Bruce Wayne,” and we’ve set him up to be potentially several different people. It ties into the old Bob Haney stories where Bruce had this twin brother who was confined to Wildwood Asylum. What we’ve now revealed is that Wildwood is the psychiatric military hospital, which is basically Arkham Asylum before it became Arkham Asylum again in recent Batman continuity. It kind of wrapped up everything into this. The fans have been following all these threads so that everyone who’s made a guess is right basically. [Laughs] There are a few streams and tributaries that feed into what Doctor Hurt actually is, but most people got at least one part of it right.

So, who do YOU think Doctor Hurt? Does Grant’s clue help at all?

With HUSH running around as Bruce Wayne and IF in the post Silver Age DCU, Bruce in fact still has a twin brother (this was something I wasn’t even aware of until Grant mentioned it… or am I being punked?), there would seem to be too many people that look like Bruce Wayne in the DCU…. and when you factor in the Clayfaces…. oy!

Who is Doctor Hurt?

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Source: CBR