Inside Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Monday Night RAW 10.18.2010 – SmackDown Invades RAW

Welcome to Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of WWE Monday Night RAW!

Despite the fact I’ve missed a few weeks of “10 Thoughts on Pulse Wrestling”, I’m still committed to bringing you your dose of Monday Night RAW each week. With that said, enjoy tonight’s show!

Just because I can, I want to wish a happy birthday to my girlfriend, Ashley. Her birthday is tomorrow.

Welcome to the newest RAW opening video, featuring CM Punk. Rejoice!

SMACKDOWN INVADES RAW! T’Lo is in the house. He’s here because he can be and he’s taking over RAW tonight. The RAW GMail immediately chimes in and Michael Cole is all smiles. He orders T’Lo out of his ring. Bragging Rights is this Sunday and T’Lo has the trophy brought out for him to brag. Another chime and we get the ultimate decision, “Get out, or else”. T’Lo leaves the ring to argue with Michael Cole as the RAW GMail chimes away and T’Lo disconnects the RAW GMail. He introduces Team SmackDown.

Here comes Miz and his Mizitch, decked out in red. He vows that he will lead RAW to victory this year. Team RAW makes their way out to the stage. The surprise is that Ezekiel Jackson returns to RAW as part of Team RAW. They advance to the ring and it is an all out brawl! RAW leaves the ring, the explanation being to save it for Sunday. The Big Show tries to reason with the Miz and he challenges Miz to a captain versus captain match tonight. The Miz says “Game On”. T-Lo leaves with the laptop.

Recap of Cena/Miz from last week is shown.


“Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre v. The Hart Dynasty

This is non-title. Rhodes takes it to Kidd in the early moments before tagging in Drew McIntyre. McIntyre takes Kidd outside the ring and bashes him against the barricade. Tag back to Rhodes and the beating continues. Tag back to McIntyre as Kidd plays the face-in-peril. Kidd manages to tag in David Hart Smith and he scores a couple kicks to Cody and Drew. Leg drop on McIntyre gets two. Running powerslam connects in the corner, but Rhodes gets the save. Kidd scores with a kick to Cody’s back and we set up for the Hart Attack, but Kidd times it slow and Smith decides to go for the sharpshooter and Kidd argues. That causes Drew to rebound and hit the Future Shock for the win.

Winners: “Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre
Grade: C

Natalya tries to keep the team together.

Backstage, Randy Orton makes a threat to John Cena that if he gets in his way, he’ll get kicked in the skull. Cena responds that if Orton tries, his leg will be broken off.


We get a promo for R-Truth, while we ae wondering if he’s still on Team RAW. And Michael Cole confirms this.

Goldust v. Zack Ryder

It’s great that Goldust gets a decent storyline. Ted DiBiase and Maryse take to scouting duties on the stage. Ryder gets a bit of offense in, but he has no push…so Goldust connects with the Final Cut for the win.

Winner: Goldust
Grade: F

Ted DiBiase charges in and he gets the upperhand until Maryse chases Aksana up the ramp. DiBiase complains and he eats a Final Cut for his problems.


We’re back and Wade Barrett wants Cena to test them and to give them everything he has. Wade wants to give the fans the John Cena we all know and love. Then he demands a glass of water.

We’re back and some kid that is in Knucklehead is playing SmackDown v. RAW and he plays Big Show. The Miz says that he has a surprise for him. He hands him off to Big Show, who says that Alex Riley is a bit busy.

We’re back and John Cena hands Wade Barrett a glass of water and he is really enjoying this. He then tosses the water on Cena. Cena walks off while Nexus laughs.


John Cena & Randy Orton v. Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty

Nexus joins in on the fun from stageside. Cena takes it to McGillicutty from the get go and Cena connects with the Fisherman Suplex. McGillicutty takes a break as we do so as well.


We’re back and Orton is in the match, taking it to McGillicutty. Cena gets tagged back and he eats a dropkick for two. Tag to Husky Harris and he takes it to Cena in the corner. Squash in the corner gets two. Tag back to McGillicutty and Cena almost gets pinned. Cena gets posted and Harris is back in. Flying lariat connects for a two count. Chinlock applied and Cena tries to get back up. Scoop slam by Harris and he drops his weight…….on the canvas. Cena tags in Orton and McGillicutty is in as well. Orton grabs McGillicutty and we get the Hangman DDT and the Viper coils up. Harris comes in and he eats a A.A. McGillicutty eats a RKO and scores the pinfall.

Winners: John Cena & Randy Orton
Grade: C+

Cena wants a handshake, but Wade Barrett orders Cena to exit the ring. It looks like the Nexus is going gang mentality on Randy Orton. Orton tries to divide and conquer, but Nexus gangs up on him. Back in the ring, Orton tries to fight back, but they grounded him. Cena looks on the outside, unable to do anything about it. Everyone does their finishers on Orton and Barrett demands a microphone. He demands Cena to get back inside the ring. He wants an Attitude Adjustment from Cena to Orton. DO IT OR YOU’RE FIRED! Cena does it half-heartedly and Barrett wants Orton for himself. Barrett connects with Wasteland as Cena leaves the ring.


We recap what happened and Vickie Guerrero makes her way to the stage and annoys the crowd. She brings out Dolph Ziggler and he brags about this girl who is “all that” and…before the juicy secret is revealed, Daniel Bryan comes out and he rightly insults Vickie Guerrero. Bryan dresses down Ziggler and he lays down a challenge saying that he can make Dolph tap out at Bragging Rights. Dolph accepts and he asks why wait. He wants it done right now. He slaps away and Vickie acts as bodyguard. Ziggler gets caught leaving as Vickie is as effective as paint drying. Dolph gets caught in the LaBelle lock and he taps out. The RAW Divas come out and they make it rain glitter all over Vickie Guerrero. They then dance with Daniel Bryan who plays mack-daddy.


Natalya v. Alicia Fox

Lockup to start with Alicia landing a bitchslap on Natalya. She kicks her in the face and she screws up the Irish whip. Double underhook suplex almost drills Alicia Fox and she gets caught with the Sharpshooter for the submission.

Winner: Natalya
Grade: F

LayCool comes to trash Canada…and trashes my ears. They trash the Hart legacy. They attack Natalya and Michelle McCool trashes Bret’s legacy by putting Natalya in the Sharpshooter. Funny thing, Natalya knows the counter and she gets it countered into the heel hook. Layla saves and she almost gets put in the Sharpshooter, but LayCool leave to safety.

Last week, CM Punk sends Evan Bourne to the injured reserve.

HORNSWOGGLE! Josh Matthews talks to T’Lo and he has Hornswoggle lead the entire Smackdown roster out of the locker room. Uh-oh the Miz is in trouble!


We get the “pro-WWE” video because of Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign.

Backstage, Wade Barrett stops John Cena from leaving because he has a plan.


Here comes Bobb’e J. Thompson, who intros the Big Show.

Captain vs. Captain Match: The Big Show (w/SmackDown Roster) v. The Miz (w/Mizitch & RAW Roster)

The bell starts and the Big Show is large and in charge as he rips the shirt off the Miz. Show runs into a big boot and the Miz almost gets chokeslammed, but the Miz takes a powder. Big Show takes and he attacks some of the RAW stars and T’Lo comes out to change the match into one huge battle royal.

Result: Match Cancelled


SmackDown v. RAW Battle Royal

The ring is full of red and blue and if you’re hoping for play by play, I’m not your man. I’ll do my best, however. Hornswoggle attacks Michael Cole and he takes his headset. He talks midgetese and Cole gets the secondary microphone. Chris Masters gets sent out as does Tyler Reks. Mark Henry gets thrown out by Big Show and Chavo gets sent out as well. Out goes William Regal and there’s more SmackDown superstars in the ring than RAW stars. Primo Colon is gone and Vladimir Koslov is gone on the RAW side. Luke Gallows is gone and so is Santino Marella. Alberto del Rio and John Morrison fight on the top ropes and they both eliminate themselves. Swagger is gone. He argues with Edge and he locks in the Anklelock! Kofi is gone and so is Mysterio. Ezekiel Jackson eliminates the World Tag Team Champions. It’s Ezekiel Jackson, Daniel Bryan, and Sheamus against the Big Show. Daniel Bryan is eliminated and Jackson & Sheamus douple suplex Big Show and they dominate him. Big Show eliminates Ezekiel Jackson and the Miz almost gets rid of Big Show. Edge comes back in and he spears Sheamus. Miz goes out and so does Sheamus.

Winners: SmackDown
Grade: B

Backstage, Wade Barrett and Nexus will practice what will happen Sunday at Bragging Rights and he instructs Cena to raise his hand.

Show over.

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