The Way Too Long Review for Edge: A Decade of Decadence – Disc One

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Another time filler, but this is a review I totally forgot I wrote.  I’ve cleaned it up somewhat but this is another review that did not get sent to my editor.  Just enjoy the read and quit bitching… that’s my job.

Edge stays in character during the bumpers.  He can’t believe how cool he is.  Some footage of his early matches, stories of how tough being an indy wrestler is.  We move to his first pay per view match.  Or second… I guess they don’t count his tag match with Sable from Summerslam.

Match #1
Edge vs. Owen Hart
9/27/98 Breakdown

Edge was the tortured gothic dude at this point in his career.  Chain wrestling sequence to start.  Owen gets an overhead wrist lock, but Edge flips out of it and takes Owen down.  Owen flips up and gets a northern-lights suplex type move, then stomps away.  Edge gets a hammerlock, but gets backed into a corner.  Shoot into the corner by Owen and he hits a monkey flip, but Edge lands on his feet and dropkicks him.  Drop-toehold by Edge and an armbar.  Hurricanrana by Edge and a clothesline to dump Owen to the floor.  Edge teases a plancha, but ends up baseball sliding him.  Edge dives off the apron, only to get powerslammed on the floor by Owen.  Some douchebag held a sign in front of the camera during the move.  A reminder that this show was in Canada and thus the amount of unapologetic idiots in the crowd is higher then your usual wrestling event.

In the ring, dropkick by Owen gets two.  Backbreaker and some stomps.  Neckbreaker gets two.  Shoot off leads to Owen getting a belly to belly throw for two.  Chinlock gives both guys a breather.  Edge gets to his feet and punches away, but gets his eyes raked.  Shoot in the corner by Edge but Owen gets a boot up and gets a victory roll for two, reversed by Edge for two.  Spinheel kick by Owen for two.  Fighting in the corner, shoot off but Edge springs off the ropes and hits a crossbody for two.  Enziguri and Owen climbs but Edge catches him and hits a pancake blaster.  Owen gets up first somehow and punches Edge, only to get flap-jacked down.  Swinging neckbreaker by Edge gets two.  Scoopslam and Edge climbs, but Owen moves out of the way.  Edge seems him and climbs down, then gives him a DDT for two.  Owen goes for a german suplex, but Edge fights out of it and hits a northern lights suplex for two.  German suplex by Owen hits for two.  Shoot to the corner but Owen misses a dropkick and crotches himself on the ropes.  Superplex attempt by Edge is blocked and he’s thrown to the canvas.  Owen goes for a stomp off the ropes but Edge gets a foot up.  Owen grabs the foot and goes for the sharpshooter, but Edge kicks him off and rolls him up for two.  Spinheel kick by Edge but Christian makes his debut by jumping the guardrail and… looking at Edge.  Edge is all shocked and Owen rolls him up for the pin.
***3/4 Very good give-and-go match.

Match #2: Tag Team Ladder Match, winning team gets $100,000 and Terri Runnels as a manager.
The Hardy Boys (New Brood) vs. Edge & Christian
10/17/99 No Mercy

So nobody is a star at this point, with Edge & Christian considered busts, for better or worse.  The Hardys had a brief run with the tag titles, drawing no heat even with some decent moves.  The Hardy Boys dumped Michael Hayes to join Gangrel after losing the belts.  That angle would be dropped without any buildup or warning following this match.  Edge & Christian backdrop the Hardys right off the bat and go for the ladders but the Hardys stop them.  E&C take control again and go for the ladders but the Hardys stop again.  The Hardys take out E&C and ask Gangrel to bring them the ladders, but the ref tosses him.

Jeff gets backdropped out of the ring by Edge, who then gets dumped by Matt.  Hardys go for the ladders but Christian springs over the ropes hits a plancha.  Christian climbs for the money but gets taken out.  Edge climbs but gets dumped by Matt.  Christian whacks Matt with a ladder, then spears Jeff into the corner with it.  Sick.  Christian hits a running dropkick up the ladder, but Edge misses a shoulderblock.  Jeff climbs the ladder but Christian hits a reverse DDT off of it.  Christian climbs but Matt backdrops him off of it.  Matt climbs but Edge powerbombs him off of it.  Edge climbs but Jeff Hardy dropkicks him off of it.  Fans don’t even have a chance to catch their breath here.  Matt slams Edge on the ladder and Jeff Hardy comes off with the swanton bomb on Edge on the ladder.  Poetry in Motion into Christian into the ladder, then the Hardys grab the ladder and clothesline Christian with it.  Jeff climbs the ropes and leapfrogs the ladder and drops a leg on Christian, popping the crowd huge.  Matt moonsaults the ladder, pancaking Christian with it.  Jeff climbs but Edge whacks him off with another ladder.  Edge throws the ladder at Matt, then slingshots Jeff into the ladder into Matt.  Edge climbs but Matt throws a ladder at him.  The Hardys go for a clothesline with the ladder so Christian hits a crossbody into the center of it, taking out both Hardys.

Double baseball slide into the ladder into Matt’s balls by E&C.  They sandwich Jeff in the ladder for a ten-punch type move, then they flapjack Matt into the ladder.  Fans are almost out of gas after all this action.  Jeff hits the Twist of Fate on Christian, then climbs, but Edge hits the Downward Spiral off the ladder on Jeff.  Neckbreaker off the ladder by Matt to Edge.  Christian hiplocks Jeff off the top of the ladder.  Crazy stuff here.  Christian tries to superplex Jeff onto a ladder, but Jeff fights him off and Matt slugs it out with him.  So Jeff decides to jump on the teetering ladder, causing it to catapult into Christian & Matt.  Both ladders are set up and everyone climbs, slugging it out on the top, leading to both ladders tipping over and all four guys taking sick, superhuman level bumps.  They set both ladders up again, only, E&C set their’s under the belt while the Hardys are slightly off center.  Edge tries to slug it out with Matt and gets pushed off, causing him to push over the ladder with Jeff & Christian, leading to Christian falling off but Jeff jumping onto Edge’s ladder, wiping him out and grabbing the money.  Amazing match.  But how do I rate it?  It had no psychology, nothing at all looking like a normal wrestling match…
***** Forget all that.  One of the most entertaining matches I’ve ever seen.  It still holds up to this day, that they could do all those spots and not blow one of them.  Puts guys like Sabu to shame.  Sure, it’s just a spot fest, but it’s a well produced, career making spot fest.

Match #3: World Tag Team Championship, Ladder Match
(c) Dudley Boys vs. Hardy Boys vs. Edge & Christian
4/2/00 Wrestlemania 2000

The Duds were heels for this match, while Edge & Christian were babyfaces.  They would basically switch roles in the middle of this match.  E&C jump the Hardys to start, then fight the Duds on the floor.  Turns into a six way brawl.  Hard to follow the action, needless to say.  Edge with a dropkick on D-Von.  Then Bubba chops away on Jeff, who springs off the corner and hits the whisper in the wind.  Bubba fights back with the Bubba Bomb.  Fans chant for a table while a ladder is placed under the belt.  Big brawl in the ring with everyone in the match.  Matt throws a ladder at Bubba, then both Hardys splash him on it.  Ladder shots all over the place.  Matt lightly slams D-Von onto a ladder, then drops an elbow on him.  DDT to Bubba by Jeff.  He places Bubba on a ladder, then misses a 450 Splash, killing his knees on a ladder.

Bubba places a ladder on top of Jeff and does a senton bomb on it.  Sick.  Edge rides a ladder down onto Matt who’s sandwiched in a ladder.  D-Von slams a ladder on Edge but we don’t get to see what move he does because they’re too busy showing replays.  I hate it when they do this.  Apparently it was a legdrop.  Bubba puts a ladder on his head and swings it around, knocking down several wrestlers before getting double-drop kicked by E&C.  Shoot off to D-Von and then hotshot him onto a ladder.  Christian sets a ladder next to the ropes, then hits a crossbody on Bubba and Matt on the outside.  Big “holy shit” chant for that.  Jeff climbs but gets speared off the ladder to another huge pop.  Edge climbs but gets stopped by Matt and eats a splash mountain.  That might have been the last time that move was hit in the WWE.  D-Von climbs but Christian throws a ladder at him.  Christian climbs but Bubba hits him in the nuts.  There’s three ladders under the belts now.  Bubba climbs and gives Christian a diamond cutter off the ladders.  Looked awesome.  Jeff tosses Christian out of the ring.  They set up a pair of ladders and hit Air Carolina off the top of them and onto Bubba.  Edge in and he tosses Jeff Hardy out of the ring in a huge bump.  Double superplex to D-Von off the ladders from E&C.  Fans are loving this, and so am I.

Two ladders in the center now, and a four way duel with E&C and the Hardys.  Christian hits a face buster on Jeff while Matt hits a Russian legsweep on Edge.  Another ladder gets set up, and all six climb.  It’s very seamless how they set it up.  Christian and Jeff take a superman bump off the ladders, out of the ring and onto the concrete.  Sick sick sick.  Bubba falls off the ladder and pushes it over, leading to Matt and Edge getting crotched.  The Dudleys are alone in the ring, but Christian wanders in.  He gets slammed between two ladders by the Duds.  3D to Edge, and Bubba decides to get the tables.  Fans are going absolutely fucking nuts.  They’re officially babyfaces now.  A little too much downtime while they set up this rube-goldberg like stunt.  This is killing the match, big time.  They put a table on top of two ladders.  Matt and Jeff get in the ring to stop whatever the Duds were doing, and the fans boo.  Pace has died, and the match has lost it’s five-star rating I was set to give it.  A couple more tables get set up, but they can’t seem to get anything going now.  More ladders are being set up, while Bubba whips Matt into the stairs.  Bubba sets up a table on the outside, then preps the Spanish Announce Table.  D-Von misses a splash in the ring and crashes through a table.  Meanwhile, Bubba powerbombs Matt through a table while standing on the SAT in a sick looking spot.  Pace dies yet again and now I’m wondering if they’ll break four stars.  Jeff goes for the rail-runner only to get a ladder thrown at him by Bubba.  Another sick spot.

Bubba sets up a 20 foot ladder on the aisle for no damn reason, then sets up a table.  He sets Jeff on the table, but Christian runs in with the ring bell and knocks out Bubba.  Bubba is on the table, so Jeff takes care of Christian then hits the swanton off the very top of the 20 foot ladder on Bubba.  Not even the coolest spot of the match.  This thing really died.  In the ring, Matt hits the twist of fate on D-Von, then climbs.  Matt and fights Christian on top of the platform the Duds made out of the ladders and the table, but Edge sneaks up and tosses Matt of, through a table.  Edge and Christian then reach up and take the belts.
***3/4 This was a really good match… until the table spots began.  The pace slowed down to a crawl and the spots took too long to set up.  The best ladder match remains the 2000 Summerslam TLC match.

Match #4: Intercontinental Championship
(c) Lance Storm vs. Edge
8/19/01 Summerslam

The horrible WWE vs. Alliance angle makes DVD again.  Thankfully, it’s one of the good matches from that abortion of an angle.  Lockup to start, shoot off and a shoulderblock by Storm, turned into a flapjack by Edge.  He follows with a dropkick then dumps Storm with a clothesline.  They fight to the floor for a bit, then back in Edge misses a charge in the corner but climbs and hits a crossbody off the top for two.  Ring is pretty loud for some reason.  Edge gets flipped onto the apron and knocked off into the guardrail.  Storm stomps away on the outside, then tosses him in for a couple kicks.  He talks trash with Edge, then hits a kitchen sink kneelift for two.  Edge gets shot off but gets a rollup for two.  Storm fires off a blaster suplex for two.  A few stomps gets two as they seem to be drawing blanks.  Storm fires off some arrogant kicks, but Edge flips him off and goes for a dropkick.  Storm holds the ropes and Edge wipes out.  Storm goes for the Maple Leaf but Edge counters with a small package for two, turned into a press by Storm for two.  Cut to a shot of the WWE locker room cheering Edge on.  Because this is what people paid to see, not the wrestling.  At times I wish I had a remote control that was hooked to Kevin Dunn’s nuts.  Every time he made some stupid cut or showed a replay instead of the high spot happening in the ring, I would press the button and zap his nuts.  Just a decent amount.  50 volts tops.  Enough to maybe train him to stop being a douchebag and just focus on the fucking match.

Edge goes for a crucifix so Storm rolls through it with a fire wheel for two.  Camel clutch by Storm, but Edge fights out, so Storm moves out of the way and kicks low.  Senton splash gets two.  Edge fires off a couple shots, only to run into an abdominal stretch.  They trade trying to hiplock each other, with Storm landing on the apron in a highly athletic move.  Storm climbs and dives but Edge catches him and powerslams him.  Double KO spot from this.  To their, feet, slugoff, and Edge wins out.  Backdrop and a spinheel kick gets two for Edge.  Jawbreaker by Storm and he goes for a suplex, but Edge flips out and hits the Edge-O-Matic for two.  Storm goes for a rana but Edge turns it into a powerbomb for two.  Shoot off and Storm rolls through it into the Maple Leaf.  It was flawless looking.  Edge crawls for the ropes and gets them, then hooks in his own Maple Leaf.  Storm pushes the referee out of the way, so Christian runs in.  He accidentally (wink wink) spears Edge.  Sweet Chin Music to Christian from Storm, then a cover on Edge for two.  Edge hits the implant DDT for the pin and the title.
** Surprisingly boring.  I remembered liking it the first time around.

Match #5: WWE Intercontinental Championship & WCW United States Championship Unification
(IC) Test vs. (US) Edge
11/18/01 Survivor Series

Test is representing the WCW/ECW alliance despite having never wrestled for either, while Edge is the WCW United States Champion.  This is why the alliance angle sucked.

Lockup goes nowhere.  Another goes just as far.  So they slug it out instead.  Test misses a clothesline and gets crossbodied for two.  Punches in the corner by Test, then a clothesline.  Choke with the foot against the ropes.  Test picks Edge up and drops him on the guard rail a couple times.  In the ring, Edge gets a couple dropkicks.  Test bails only for him to get hit with a baseball slide by Edge.  Edge stomps away then throws him in the ring.  Swinging neckbreaker by Edge gets one.  Edge charges and gets hot-shotted into the ropes.  Mounted punches by Test, then a slam in the corner.  Clothesline in the corner and a choke with the foot.  Into a chinlock, and an especially lazy looking one.

Edge gets up and knees the head, then ducks a charge in the corner and hits a missile dropkick for two.  Test ducks a clothesline and gets a powerslam for two.  Charge in the corner but Edge gets a foot up, but misses a crossbody.  Edge is placed in the corner but fights off a superplex.  They keep fighting over it, and Edge ends up going for an MDK bomb, but it doesn’t work and Test is on the top rope.  He dives for a sledge but Edge hits a dropkick for a double KO spot.  Both guys up at eight, and Edge hulks up.  A couple clotheslines and spinkick, then a single arm facebuster gets two.  Test loads up for the pump-handle slam but it gets turned into the Edge-O-Matic for two.  SICK spear by Test gets two.  That looked Goldberg-esq.  I never cared for Edge’s spear, but that one was brutal.  Test calls for Das Boot, but Edge ducks it.  He still hits the pump handle slam… for two.  Test goes for a powerbomb but it gets turned into a rana and a spear… for two.  He goes for the implant DDT but Test turns it into a full nelson slam but Edge rolls him up doing that for the pin and the titles.
***3/4 Pretty good.  Likely Test’s best singles match.

Edge’s bumpers are hilarious.  Not much to add to that, but it’s worth noting.

Match #6
Edge vs. Mr. Perfect
3/3/02 Sunday Night Heat

Holy crap… a Heat match makes a best of DVD set!!  Lockup, headlock, Perfect gets a shoulderblock, Edge gets an armdrag and a dropkick.  Perfect chops away in the corner with some super stiff shots, then he slings him down to the canvas by the hair.  Edge tosses Perfect in the corner and fires off some sissy chops.  He slings Perfect down, who slides into the post to crotch himself.  Horrible looking.  Shoulderblocks in the corner but Perfect uses the referee as a shield and punches Edge.  Neck snapper and an abdominal stretch.  Slugoff and Edge gets a front and back atomic drop, then a clothesline and the Edge-O-Matic for two.  Edge goes for the spear but Perfect throws referee Nick Patrick in the way.  Patrick takes the bump like a manly man.  Perfect grabs a chair, but the ref scrubs the match.  Edge spears Perfect anyway.  Did they really need to do protection booking on this one?
*1/4 No real point to having this one on the DVD, other then to fill up space that would be occupied by a certain Canadian who’s very name is taboo these days.

Match #7: Hair vs. Hair
Edge vs. Kurt Angle
5/19/02 Judgment Day

Angle is seriously balding at this point and Edge had already jobbed to him at the previous pay per view, so there is little doubt to the ending.  Lockup goes nowhere.  Another and Edge shoots off to get shoulderblocked.  Shoot off and Edge gets a cradle for two.  Shoot off and Edge side steps Angle and tosses him over the top rope.  Baseball slide and the fight spills to the floor where Edge slams Angle around a bit.  Back in, Angle stomps away but gets backdropped.  Edge punches away and ties Angle into the ropes.  He spears Angle, then charges again but Kurt catches him and gives him a belly-to-belly throw over the top rope and to the floor.  Awesome spot.

Edge gets tossed back in and brawled around the ring.  Chops to the throat by Angle, reversed by Edge for some chops.  Shoot off and Edge gets a foot up, but runs into a nasty looking spinebuster for two.  Angle uses the ropes for leverage as he stomps away on Edge.  Shoot off and Edge gets a backelbow, only to duck his head into a DDT for two.  Chinlock now by Angle.  The hand drops twice but Edge is still alive.  He tries to bail but Edge grabs him by the hair to take him down.  Suplex gets two, then Angle hooks in a grounded facelock.  Chops from Angle but Edge catches him and does an overhead throw, nearly botching it.  Edge catches fire.  Punches and kick, then a spinkick for two.  Edge-O-Matic for two.  Angle gets another overhead throw for a small double KO spot.  Angle charges but gets dropped on the apron, then dropkicked off.  Edge gets a running start and fires off a plancha.  He rolls Angle in and climbs the ropes.  Angle runs up the ropes to go for the super throw but Edge tosses him off and hits a missile dropkick for a very close two.  Fans bought that as the finish.  Super high-angle german suplex by Kurt that looked vicious.

He goes for another but Edge gets a rollup for two.  Pancake driver by Edge and he climbs, but Angle runs up and hits the super throw for two.  Savant kick by Edge, then a nasty, NASTY looking DDT for two.  Shoot off and Edge misses Angle with the spear and wipes out the referee.  Release german suplex by Angle and he grabs a chair, only for Edge to spear him.  The referee is out, so no count.  Edge sets up another spear and charges, but Angle kicks him in the head.  Angle slam is blocked and Edge hits another spear… for two.  Fans *really* bought that one as the finish.  Edge goes for the implant DDT but Angle gets out of it and hits a spear of his own.  Angle slam… gets two.  Angle is super pissed at that.  Fans are going nuts.  If TNA didn’t do shit like this every match, the fans would react better.  Kurt for the ankle lock, only for Edge to get the enziguri.  Edge goes to do something but Angle does get the ankle lock.  Edge kicks Angle off the ropes then hits a small package for the pin.

After the match, Angle punches Edge around a bit, but Edge hits the implant DDT and it’s time to shave Kurt.  Edge drags Kurt over to the barber chair, but Kurt fights him away.  Cut to the back where Edge gets caught by Kurt and beat up.  Angle threatens to shave Edge’s hair.  To the barber’s chair, where Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Edge flips out of it and locks him in a sleeper.  Nighty Night, Kurt.  He gets Kurt in the chair, where the clippers don’t work.  Naturally.  A second set of clippers does work, and Kurt is shaved by Edge himself.  He even uses a straight razor.  Edge grabs a mic and calls for Angle’s music, so the fans can sing “You’re bald!” instead of “You Suck”.   It lasted a couple weeks.
***3/4 Another match that came pretty close to crossing that four-star threshold but just couldn’t make it.  This first disc is really setting a standard for matches on the cusp of greatness.  This was a little too punchy-kicky and lacking transitional moves.  The finishing sequence was really hot.

Match #8: Cage Match
Kurt Angle vs. Edge
5/30/02 Smackdown

In a miracle worthy of the New Testament, Kurt Angle’s hair had already grown back.  In fact, his balding was cured and his hair is now richer and thicker then ever.  Take that, Jesus!  Meanwhile, the Hart family is in attendance.  Stu Hart seriously looks like a mummy sitting at ringside.  Davey Boy Smith had died the previous week and they all look kind of somber.  Then again, maybe it had something to do with Bret allegedly making all kinds of weird threats against his own family for “using” his father.  Right, because Stu would really need to be dragged against his will to go to see WWE.  I hate Bret.  Eight years later he would come back to the WWE, because everyone has their price.

Oh yes, match.  Lockup goes nowhere.  Angle grabs a headlock but Edge takes him down.  Scoopslam by Edge and a drop-toehold.  Angle is pissed.  You can tell, his miracle hair is standing up.  Angle tries to cage Edge but gets blocked.  Spinkick by Edge, who then tosses Edge into the cage.  He misses a spear and hits the cage, knocking him out and letting Angle pounce.  Angle brawls Edge to the corner, where he stomps away and chokes with the foot.  Suplex gets two for Angle.  Front-facelock by Kurt but Edge fights to his feet and fires off an overhead throw.  Edge climbs, fights off Kurt, and hits a flying shoulderblock for two.  Angle grabs Edge by the waist and shoots off some rolling Germans for two.  Angle heads for the door but it’s locked, so he cages Edge a few times.  Mounted punches by Angle, and Edge is bleeding now.  It’s a good one too.  Angle punches Edge down and his hair is approaching anime character territory.  Edge fights back by slinging Kurt into the cage and hitting the Edge-O-Matic for two.  Shoot off and he backdrops Angle, clotheslines him, and hits the single-arm takedown for two.  Even the announcers note Angle’s hair is growing before us.  It’s seriously hilarious.  One of the best heat props I’ve seen in wrestling.  Flying forearm misses for Edge and he hits the referee.  German Suplex by Angle and his hair is f’n hilarious.

He climbs but Edge catches him and flips him using a back suplex off the top rope.  Angle takes the bump straight on.  Man, that looked vicious.  Edge almost climbs out but Angle recovers and punches him in the balls.  Angle slam off the top that looked almost equally as vicious.  Angle starts to climb and the fans boo the shit out of him.  He makes it out of the cage, but the referee is out so the match isn’t over.  Hulk Hogan runs in and tosses Angle into the cage a few times, with Angle bouncing like a pinball for him.  Hogan tosses him back into the ring, and man the ref must be made of wafers to still be out from that flying forearm.  We go to a commercial.

We’re back in time to see Kurt hit the Angle Slam for two.  During the break, Edge apparently hit the spear for two.  Angle goes for a spear only to miss and Edge hits the Angle Slam for two.  Kurt is pissed now so he hooks the ankle lock in.  Edge fights out of that and puts his own ankle lock on.  Edge’s foot gets hooked into the ropes so Angle stomps away.  Kurt goes for the door but Edge grabs him.  Kurt starts to climb and is over the top of the cage, but Edge crotches him on the door.  Edge grabs Angle’s miracle hair and drags him back into the ring.  SICK ASS spear off the top rope onto Angle gets the pin for Edge.

****1/4 Very good match, and Edge finally breaks four-stars in a singles match.

Match #9: World Tag Team Championship
(c) Billy & Chuck
(they like to fuck) vs. Edge & Hulk Hogan
7/4/02 Smackdown

Childhood dreams come true in the WWE.  Edge was a confirmed Hulkamaniac as a kid, and now he gets to wrestle with him for the tag titles.  Big smile from Edge as Hogan makes his entrance.  Awesome to see a totally authentic reaction like that.  Hulk starts with Chuck, who looks a lot like Mr. Kennedy with the bleached hair.  Hogan can barely bump at this point and would leave the WWE shortly after this.

Chuck punches Hogan down and slams him, but gets cocky.  Hogan smacks him around and drops a bunch of elbows.  Tag to Billy.  Michael Cole tries to make a case that Billy is the best tag wrestler ever.  Tag to Edge who smacks Billy Bitchcakes around.  Edge-O-Matic for two.  Edge beats up both heels, but turns his back on Billy and gets clotheslined to become the face-in-peril.  Chuck beats him around and gets an overhead suplex for two.  Tag to Billy who chokes him and bit.  Michael Cole is seriously pimping Billy Gunn here.  Suplex by Billy gets two.  Chuck tags in.  He slams Edge and drops an elbow for two.  He misses a charge and gets dumped to the floor.  Billy holds Edge for a free shot from Rico, who misses and wipes him out with a superkick.  Edge makes his way to the apron but Billy recovers and bulldogs him on the stairs.  Chuck covers in the ring for two.  Tag to Billy who grabs a front facelock.  Edge goes to tag Hogan and ends up rolling up Billy for two.  Tag to Chuck who goes for a slam but Edge turns it into a facebuster.  Tag to Billy, hot tag to Hogan.  Punches for all.  Noggin Knocker and the big boot to Billy, but Chuck kills Hogan with a superkick.  It gets two.  Double team to Hogan but he gets a double clothesline.  Hogan is selling death for some reason so he makes the hot… I guess… tag to Edge.

Clotheslines for all.  Implant DDT to Chuck, but Rico trips him up.  Hogan beats up Rico while Billy and Chuck switch spots.  Billy goes for the Fameasser but Edge hits the spear for two as Chuck saves.  Double big boot to Billy, then back-to-back legdrops from Edge and Hogan win them the tag titles.  Edge is beaming.
**1/4 Pretty standard tag match.

Match #10
Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero
9/22/02 Unforgiven

Eddie bails to start, then dives in a rolls up Edge for… zero.  That was weird.  Eddie brawls Edge around, shoots him off but gets reversed and backdropped.  Flapjack by Edge and some punches.  Eddie fights back with some punches and forearms.  Shoot off reversed into a powerslam by Edge for two.  Suplex for two.  Tornado DDT by Eddie Guerrero to take advantage.  Suplex for two.  Unique head-vise chinlock looking thing by Eddie but Edge escapes.  Backdrop suplex gets two for Eddie, then a front facelock.  He drags it up into a clasp-hold, something that is kind of taboo.

Edge fights off but runs hard into a backelbow.  That looked vicious.  Pace is a little to slow for the crowd’s taste.  Eddie taunts Edge to hit him and brawls him around.  Edge does land a big punch, and Eddie takes the timber bump off it for a double KO.  This match kind of sucks.  Eddie brawls him down to the corner and chokes him with the foot. Edge gets a rollup out of nowhere for two.  Small package for two.  Swinging neckbreaker somehow leads to a double KO spot.  Edge is alive.  Clothesline, atomic drop, flying forearm, facebuster for two.  Edge-O-Matic for two.  Eddie fights back and goes for a rana, but Edge turns it into a tiger bomb for two.  Eddie gets tossed into the turnbuckle, misses the spear but eats the impact DDT for two.  Edge climbs but misses a missile dropkick.  Eddie exposes a turnbuckle, but gets whipped into it and speared into it.  He goes for a superplex, but Eddie slams his head onto the exposed turnbuckle and hits a sick MDK Bomb for the pin.
** Seemed a bit phoned in to me.

BONUS FEATURE: The Best of Edge & Christian
It runs about five minutes, and has highlights of Edge & Christian’s (and Kurt Angle’s) comedy skits.  Nothing laugh-out-loud funny, but I was smiling throughout.

THE STORY THUS FAR: I must say, disc one exposed how bad Edge is at being the babyface.  He just didn’t work in that role.  Too bland, too boring, and his comeback timing was always all wrong.  He didn’t really hit his stride until he became a heel.

Stay tuned for Disc Two tomorrow, and Disc Three sometime after that.

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