TNA’s Jeff Jarrett Comments on the Immortals and a better Roster than WWE’s

Here we go, first quote in character, the second, not:

“Everybody within the Immortals has a different agenda.” Jarrett said. “We’ve all come together for different reasons. Hulk and Eric Bischoff were sold a different bill of goods than what they were promised by (TNA president Dixie Carter). Jeff Jarrett has done a lot for the fans and gotten little back in return and is taking back what’s mine and the company I founded.”

“Quite frankly, our roster is better than their roster,” said Jarrett, who was a six-time Intercontinental champion during a successful run in the WWE . “They’re a publicly traded company that has 50 years of history. From a business standpoint, they’ve got such a head start. But we’re finding a niche in our own way.”

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Source: The Telegraph Herald