Chuck – Episode 4-5 Review

One of the best things Chuck ever did was make Morgan Grimes a spy. In particular, the relationship between Morgran and Casey has been hilarious. That relationship was highlighted Monday night’s episode, and the result was a fantastic episode.

What’s so great about Casey is that he’s a classic action star, a throwback to the days of A-Team and Sylvester Stallone. (At least, I think he is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Stallone movie. I imagine them being very much like Casey’s back story.) Casey is everything that Chuck Bartowski is now, and the show needs that element. He’s REALLY everything that Morgan Grimes is not, so by adding that relationship and throwing Casey’s daughter into the mix, the show has upped the tension and the humor.

At the beginning of the episode we learned that back in the day Casey had to take out his own team who preferred to steal some gold rather than turn it over to the government, or whatever. Casey, ever the patriot, was the only one who wanted to follow orders and that meant making enemies out of his former friends. Friends who’d now escaped from prison and needed to be caught.

Chuck suggested that the best way to lure Casey’s former team into a trap was to stage Casey’s funeral – a risky move that impressed General Beckman, since she said most agents don’t get that ruthless until later in their careers. Cue Chuck’s identity crisis. Not only was Chuck trying to do his job and catch Casey’s old team, but he thought they might have some information on his mom. There was a lot on the line and he was willing to take risks, but Chuck still has a conscience. He feels bad about putting Casey in danger, and then will do anything to save him when things go awry.

Which they do, pretty quickly. Casey was paralyzed in his coffin, but he could still hear everything and open his eyes. This led to some pretty hilarious moments because not only was he in danger, but Morgan was delivering the eulogy. And he was trying to use the opportunity to break the news to Casey that he’s dating his daughter. He didn’t have that chance though, because things went South and Casey was captured.

The scene where Casey is captured, and then escapes, is a great mix of action and comedy. He escaped because the bad guys ordered a pizza! He accidentally put in a call for help to Jeff and Lester rather than Chuck and Sarah! Jeff and Lester arrived to find Casey decked out in a military uniform, strung out on drugs and hiding in a dumpster. Which apparently happens to them all the time, so now they’re all BFF. Brilliant.

To make a long story short, because episode had a lot going on, the tables turned and Casey ended up having to rescue Chuck and Sarah from being held captive in the Middle East. And he needed Morgan’s help. And he was mad at Morgan, because the way Morgan snapped Casey out of his coma was by finally telling him he was dating his daughter. (Although the relationship was on the rocks since Morgan had to blow her off to help save Casey.)

Of course, Morgan epically screwed up the one task he was assigned and everyone ended up captured. But then Morgan heroically took a hit for the whole team and electrocuted Casey’s former team, as well as himself. I love seeing Morgan in action. He’s a bumbling fool who so far, always comes through one way or another. He’s Chuck in season one, only less intelligent and less skilled. In the end, Casey gave his daughter and Morgan his blessing. After all, the guy electrocuted himself to save everyone. Casey kinda had to approve of Morgan after that.

This episode also served as the build-up for the next episode, where we’ll meet Chuck’s mom. It’s looking like she’s a bit of a villain, although I’m sure there will be a couple twists that confuse things. But you know the phone call Chuck received at the end of the episode that began “Hello Chuck, it’s your mother” can only lead to more great episodes of this show.

Other great lines from “Chuck vs. The Couch Lock”:

  • “It’s like slapping a car!” – Morgan, after trying to slap Casey out of his coma.
  • “I’m starting to think that my mom might be one of the bad guys.” – Chuck, winning the “REALLY?” award of the week.
  • “You break her heart, I break your everything.” – Casey’s way of giving Morgan his blessing to date Alex.
  • Ellie and Awesome are having a girl!
  • This has nothing to do with the episode, but rumor has it that we’re getting a full season of Chuck this year – yippee!

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